As a health plan in today's competitive market, you must look for ways to engage your members to actively drive better care, better health and better member experiences. While you have various ways to try to reach your health plan members, many of these channels may not be effective, measurable or reportable and may result in your members feeling inundated with messages.

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Drive member engagement and improve quality measures

Intervention MessagingRx™ (IMRx) from RelayHealth is a nationwide connectivity platform that can help your health plan improve member health any time a member picks up a prescription at a participating pharmacy. With your members visiting their local pharmacy more often than any other health care destination, you can benefit from frequent pharmacy encounters and the trust held between your members and their pharmacist.

Our platform allows for flexibility and customization to help give health plans the best opportunity to deliver high value messages for increased conversion rates. You choose which members to target, when to target them, and what message the pharmacist receives.

Intervention MessagingRx Program Benefits:
  • Face-to-face interventions by the pharmacist, a patient's trusted care provider
  • Targeted, real-time messaging delivered when your members pick up a prescription
  • Customized messaging directed by the health plan to align with strategic objectives
  • Closed loop reporting with completed interventions

Examples of Intervention MessagingRx solutions in use today:

Medication Adherence

Draw on the trusted pharmacist relationship to help counsel and convert non-adherent members. Medication adherence and PDC rates are improved with additional prescription refills, helping to improve Star ratings and reduce downstream medicals costs.

We can help:
  • Improve quality scores with additional prescription refills
  • Drive continuous medication adherence
  • Improve member health
  • Reduce downstream medical costs

Cash Rx Monitoring

Activate pharmacists to gain consent from your patients to submit their prescription claims through their health plan rather than paying cash. This helps to drive medication adherence through prescription transparency, while reducing costs and improving program efficiencies.

We can help:
  • Reduce cash claims and get credit for adherent members
  • Improve program efficiencies and lessen costs by decreasing non-adherent false positives and limiting expensive retrospective data investigations for cash claims

Immunization Messaging

Empower pharmacists to conduct a targeted immunization conversation with your members and have them administer the vaccine while the member is in the store. This helps to boost member vaccination rates, thereby improving Star/HEDIS performance.

We can help:
  • Increase member immunization rates
  • Analyze your immunized members at a glance
  • Provide targeted reminders to members ahead of the CAHPS survey to improve scores