Sharing our expertise and latest information to help our customers and industry

While our customers are busy managing today's problems, we are working to make sure we're offering the best solutions—and at the same time we are striving to understand the next problems that you'll ask for help to solve.

Our perspective is uniquely informed by the fact that, while we focus on medical management and payment management, we are an integral part of a company that is engaged in every part of healthcare.

Today, the healthcare system is undergoing intense scrutiny. It is also a time when new clinical, administrative and technological innovations are creating unprecedented opportunities to improve the quality and cost of care delivery.

As we explore today's issues, we are pleased to share our insights on transforming issues into opportunities that will advance the state of healthcare in our country. Here are some of the topics occupying our attention right now:

  • Auto authorization to engineer quality into point-of-decision processes—and engineer administrative time and costs out
  • Healthcare waste, fraud and abuse—finding and implementing processes to avoid it
  • Payor-provider dialogue—a key element for a better healthcare system
  • Connecting programs and audiences across care management disciplines—to improve patient care and drive down expense
  • Personalized, integrated health information online—to provide consumers with reliable, actionable information for better self-care and timely delivery of health services