McKesson High Volume Solutions (HVS) is the industry's leading pharmacy automation solutions provider. We have been creating pharmacy automation software, engineering automation solutions and innovating pharmacy automation hardware solutions for customers for over 25 years.

Originally SI Baker Automation and Automated Prescription Solutions, we have been doing this longer than any of our competitors and have more installations of automated pharmacy solutions for every size of pharmacy than any one else in the industry. We pride ourselves in producing high-quality, high-performance and reliable pharmacy automation solutions that are easy to integrate and extend.

Only McKesson High Volume Solutions offers a solution that is easy to install, easy to use and proven to drive pharmacy operational excellence, cost savings and labor efficiency for pharmacies of all sizes while delivering the highest level of patient safety with the smallest footprint requirements. McKesson High Volume Solutions automates 98% of all oral medications and offers performance guarantees including 99.99% count dispense accuracy.

In addition to providing pharmacy automation solutions, we offer consultancy and support around all aspects of pharmacy automation. We can customize our solutions to suit your specific needs and/or integrate them with your existing systems, wholesalers, front-end software, space requirements and business growth plans.

Whether your pharmacy fills 1,000 or 60,000 prescriptions per day, McKesson HVS has a pharmacy automation solution for you.

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