The success of MPS&A is spearheaded by a dedicated and exemplary leadership team, committed to making MPS&A the preferred provider of solutions. They excel at optimizing the business of retail pharmacy in order to free-up our customers’ clinical resources to provide better health and wellness to their consumers.

Emilie Ray
President, McKesson Pharmacy Technology & Services/McKesson Pharmacy Systems & Automation

Michael Jordan
Vice President/General Manager, High Volume Solutions

Scott Kemme
Vice President/General Manager, Macro Helix

Bernie Reese
Senior Vice President, Operations, McKesson Pharmacy Systems

Rick Sage
Vice President/General Manager, Supplylogix

Chris Frey
Vice President, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Dan Guggenheim
General Counsel

Marcus Hilger
Chief Financial Officer

Wood Lovell
Vice President, Human Resources & Marketing

Joe Montler
Vice President, Marketing, Strategy & Business Development