McKesson Pharmacy Systems (MPS), founded in 1970 as 3PM Inc., is a leading supplier of pharmacy management systems. As a key business unit of McKesson Corporation, MPS offers interoperable solutions that support other McKesson programs and products.

Through the recent acquisition of Per-Se Technologies, McKesson continues to demonstrate its commitment to customer success by providing the most advanced products and services.

Key Milestones

  • 3PM founded in Southfield, MI. The company specialized in hard copy claims processing. The name was derived from 3rd Party Marketing.

  • Online processing of third-party claims replaces hard copy claims reconciliation.

  • 3PM moves to current location in Livonia, MI (suburban Detroit).
  • National Data Corporation (NDC) enters the pharmacy systems business through acquisition of the DataStat product.

Late 1970s
  • DataStat time sharing pharmacy management system introduced across the country.

  • DataStat reintroduced on the micro PC platform as a distributed management system.

  • Pharmaserv debuts, as a pharmacy management system on a Digital Micro/PDP11 operating system.
  • 3PM is acquired by McKesson Corp.

  • NDC introduces the first true multi-user/multi-tasking PC-based pharmacy system specially designed for nursing homes.

  • Pharmaserv moves to the TSX operating system.

  • Pharmaserv II debuts on the MS-DOS operating system on an IBM platform.
  • Pharmaserv II software introduces Claims Adjunction Module to handle eletronic third-party claims.
  • Point-of-Sale system introduced to integrate pharmacy front end.
  • DataStat Home Office (chain functionality) introduced.
  • DataStat Point-of-Sale system introduced to integrate pharmacy front end.

  • Pharmaserv introduces a Xenix®-based pharmacy management system.

  • Chain Host system released on DOS operating system for chain pharmacy management.

  • Pharmaserv offers first rental system to customers.
  • First public standards-based EDI ordering and price update system - AIM - introduced

  • NDC acquires Zadall Pharmacy System.

  • Company name changed from 3PM McKesson to McKesson Pharmacy Systems.
  • Point-of-Sale system released on Microsoft® Windows® operating system to integrate front end and pharmacy.
  • Advanced Information Management (AIM) module for EDI ordering and price updates, eventually certified with more than 30 wholesalers, introduced to users of NDC Pharmacy System.

  • Pharmaserv for Windows® debuts as one of the first pharmacy management systems to use Microsoft® Windows® operating system. 
  • NDC introduces NDC Pharmacy System as a major advancement for both Zadall APS and DataStat clients.

  • Total Point-of-Sale product released. Integration of high-performance UNIX-based server with DOS-based cash registers. 
  • Industry's first high-speed Internet claim service introduced to DataStat and NDC pharmacy clients.

  • Chain Host system released on Microsoft® Windows® operating system for chain pharmacy management. 
  • NDCHealth, now Relay Health, invents and deploys industry's first pre and post editing claim service.

  • Condor, DataStat and NDC pharmacy products become part of TechRx Inc.

  • T-Rex One v1 introduced as first Internet-deployed ASP pharmacy management system.

  • High-speed claims processing debuts for third-party claims processing introduced. 
  • T-Rex One v2 introduced as first truly robust network-centric ASP-based pharmacy system.
  • Renlar becomes part of TechRx.

  • Long-term Care debuts for pharmacies serving long-term care facilities.

  • e-Prescribing released to enable electronic two-way communications with physicians.
  • TechRx acquired by NDCHealth.
  • T-Rex One product renamed PharmacyRx.

  • PharmacyRx celebrates milestone of 500 installed clients.

  • Per-Se Technologies acquires NDCHealth Corporation.
  • EnterpriseRx, the next-generation chain solution, is launched.

  • McKesson acquires Per-Se Technologies and integrates their pharmacy systems business, including PharmacyRx and EnterpriseRx.
  • Next generation workflow system, Pharmacy Navigator, debuts at McKesson Trade Show.

  • EnterpriseRx version for Independent Pharmacy introduced at McKesson Trade show; and in August surpasses 500 active pharmacy clients milestone.