2014 Clinical Excellence Award

Southlake Regional Health Centre Recipient of McKesson’s 2014 Distinguished Achievement Award

2014 Clinical Excellence AwardFaced with increasing patient volume, Southlake effectively used McKesson Performance Visibility™ – a real-time “electronic whiteboard,” or broadcast clinical communication system, to better manage patient flow throughout its facility, resulting in significant quality and efficiency improvements. For example, emergency department wait times decreased by 18 percent, and the average number of patients waiting in the ED dropped by 17 percent due to more efficient transfers for admitted patients.

On inpatient units, staff experienced 400 fewer daily interruptions and the equivalent of 16 hours in fewer daily phone calls related to room status and patient assignment decisions, giving staff more time for patient care. Most notably, better awareness of patients at risk for falls cut the rate of falls with injuries in half.

New This Year—Auburn Community Hospital and Fairfield Medical Center receive Honorable Mention

Auburn Community Hospital in Auburn, N.Y., was recognized for improving the quality of care for stroke patients through efficient, evidence-based treatment. Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio, was acknowledged for its metrics-driven program to improve patient safety through a more accurate and effective process for medication reconciliation.

2013 Clinical Excellence Award

Peninsula Regional Medical Center Recipient of McKesson’s 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award

2013 Distinguished Achievement Award - Peninsula Regional Medical CenterPeninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC), Salisbury, Md., was selected as the recipient of McKesson's 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA) for Clinical Excellence for its effective use of Modified Early Warning Scores (MEWS) to improve care quality and reduce mortality by proactively identifying patients at risk for a code blue. McKesson healthcare technology solutions – including Horizon Care Alerts™, Horizon Expert Orders™ and Horizon Expert Documentation™ – helped support the efforts of the PRMC caregivers.

Predicting Care using Informatics (PDF, 1,454 KB)

2013 Clinical Excellence Award Finalists:

2012 Clinical Excellence Award

Fairfield Medical Center Recipient of McKesson's 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award

Clinical Excellence 2012 Fairfield Med Center Fairfield Medical Center earned McKesson's 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA) for Clinical Excellence at a live competition held February 8 in Charleston, S.C. Fairfield demonstrated how McKesson's medication administration solution Horizon Admin-Rx™ helped its organization reduce serious medication errors by 67% and scanning defects by 65%. They redesigned care processes and re-educated staff in order to create a culture of safety and accountability, which patients want and deserve.

2012 Clinical Excellence Award Finalists:

2011 Clinical Excellence Award winner

Peninsula Regional Medical Center Recipient of McKesson's 2011 Distinguished Achievement Award

Clinical Excellence Peninsula Regional Med Center Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) earned McKesson's 2011 Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA) for Clinical Excellence at a live competition held February 9 in Charleston, S.C. PRMC earned this achievement by demonstrating how Horizon Clinicals® solution helped its organization significantly decrease severe sepsis-related mortalities by 37% and save 77 lives. As a second year recipient of this award, PRMC recognizes the importance of technology and process change to achieve life-saving improvements in care delivery.

2011 Clinical Excellence Award Finalists

Celebrating CPOE Success Award

For three years the Celebrating CPOE Success Award recognized customers that achieved notable results using the Horizon Expert Orders™ CPOE solution. Starting in 2011 the award is expanding to include broader quality initiatives and migrating to the Distinguished Achievement Award for Clinical Excellence.

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