Health IT

The health care industry has long recognized the importance of health care data interoperability, which is essential to improving quality, reducing costs, enabling regulatory compliance and ensuring better access to health care for millions of people.

In an industry with multiple standards and hundreds of health IT platforms, no health care technology supplier can solve the problem of interoperability alone. Today, our health care delivery system lacks a universally adopted, easy, affordable way to allow for the seamless movement of patient-centered data across all settings of care. Solving this challenge will require a multi-faceted approach.

We believe that the private sector is well equipped to develop and implement effective information sharing partnerships. In fact, progress is already being made. McKesson is a founder and primary technology partner of the CommonWell™ Health Alliance, which we formed with other health care IT companies to break down the silos in health care and dramatically improve the quality and cost effectiveness of care nationwide. This collaborative effort among competitors in the health IT industry is focused on achieving data exchange between different health IT systems. CommonWell enables seamless sharing of patient data in near real time to provide essential clinical data, no matter the setting of care or the provider’s health IT platform as long as the individual’s consent is secured. CommonWell is an inclusive not-for-profit organization supporting real-time access to health data in different locations across all settings of care.

Since its formation, CommonWell has successfully initiated live service in four regions of the country. CommonWell continues to expand membership and services to additional health care services companies and health systems across the country.

While we have made tremendous progress in a very short time, there is more work to be done by the private sector. There is also a role for the government to play to accelerate the pace of change.

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