Innovations that make complicated things easy are more likely to be adopted by users than innovations that make simple things more complex. The key to the former often is easy-to-use technology so says Matthew Zubiller, vice president, strategy and business development for McKesson.

To illustrate his point, Zubiller offers up the easy-to-use technology solution created by HealthEdge to help health plans make complicated things easy—things like paying a claim or knowing how much an enrollee has paid in out-of-pocket costs. 

Zubiller explains how HealthEdge defined the job to be done and how the company crafted a new business model that responds to health plans’ need to reduce operating costs, respond faster to marketplace changes and become more transparent to both providers and patients.

Read an interview with Ray Desrouchers, HealthEdge’s executive vice president for sales and marketing. 

Desrouchers and Zubiller participated in McKesson’s Better Health Boston event held March 26.

The Better Health Tour

Like politics, all healthcare is local. But what can local businesses do to transform their organizations and the community in an ecosystem as complex as healthcare? The Better Health Tour is an opportunity for local healthcare leaders to engage in candid and meaningful conversations about the future of healthcare in select cities. 

The conferences in Portland, Boston and the Twin Cities enable an exchange of ideas between local leaders across organizational barriers, industry segments, traditional interests and points of view. The aim is to help broaden perspectives, to challenge and redefine priorities, and to catalyze the development of innovative approaches that will strengthen the local healthcare ecosystem.

That’s why McKesson is presenting the Better Health Tour. It’s not a marketing event or a trade show. We believe that the challenges of healthcare will only be solved by generating practical ideas, innovative approaches and new growth in the healthcare industry at the local level.

The events have been designed to identify opportunities that will enable transformative innovation and provide participants with a new framework for thinking about the practical solutions that will lead to better health for both their own organizations and the community.

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GWENDA 3 years ago

Great message Mr. Zubiller. Hospitals have now upgraded their technology in Healthcare. Reducing the time a Physician spend on updating a patient's chart. Hand held devices are what many doctors are using now. So why are McKesson systems not speaking with one another in regards to patient billing? Path Reports and SCC Request are still being hand written and at the same time the information is coming from the patients profile electronically. These are just two hand written document examples. Interested in learning more.

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