McKesson expert shares the top five ways to align your organization around the goals, incentives and expectations necessary for population health management success:

StrategizeStrategize. Leadership must get all stakeholders on board and should implement mitigation strategies for those constituents adversely affected to keep the focus on the bigger picture.

CommunicateCommunicate. Physicians need education about what the transformation means, why it is good for patients, why it is good for them, how the business model will improve care, and how better health outcomes and reduced costs will be rewarded.

IntegrateIntegrate. Care managers should be an integral part of the care team in order to coordinate care where it is delivered, rather than through a centralized approach.

CollaborateCollaborate. New processes must become standard and your whole team must be on board and actively collaborating.

AggregateAggregate. The IT platform should support all required programs and provide a single source of truth to drive cost-effective care and improved outcomes and generate operational efficiencies.

This blog post originally appeared on McKesson's Better Health 2020 blog on March 31.