Web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) & Practice Management Solution

McKesson Practice ChoiceIn an increasingly complex healthcare environment, McKesson Practice Choice™ can help you keep things simple. This web-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system was designed with the independent practitioner in mind and features a graphical interface that makes it easy to navigate to the different work areas: clinical, scheduling and accounting. Because it’s Internet-based, there’s no need to worry about backing up databases or downloading software, which helps free you up to focus on patient care.

Intuitive and efficient, McKesson Practice Choice does more than maintain records and protect cash flow; it has the power to improve the quality of your patient interactions. Offering you flexible access to the office, McKesson Practice Choice is an easy-to-use solution that streamlines workflow and enhances care quality.

When Care is your Priority and Simplicity is your Choice

Simplify your administrative overhead and learning curve with just a single solution integrating EHR, practice management, patient portals, e-prescribing and claims. Simply log on to our secure system to access and manage your practice’s data. Updates and upgrades to the program will stream automatically to your computers, so manual reinstallations are never required. As a Web-based subscription service, there are no costly servers to maintain, no IT staffers to hire and no backups to schedule.

You compose your progress notes carefully, which is why we’ve carefully constructed the Smart Note™ technology that powers McKesson Practice Choice. It allows you to document on a single screen while pulling and pushing data from anywhere in the patient’s chart. Search codes using natural terminology and view cross-sectional chart summaries. Everything you enter automatically flows data into all pertinent fields throughout a chart. You can even create a template that suits your note-taking preferences. You’ll spend less time charting and more time interacting with your patients. One choice for connecting providers, payers and patients.

McKesson is familiar with the ways clinical and business operations overlap in the small-practice environment. That’s why McKesson Practice Choice integrates your office’s primary functions, connecting data and streamlining practice-wide processes in one easy-to-use system.

With 20+ years developing practice management and EHR technologies, McKesson understands the juggling act of the independent medical office, and is committed to utilizing technology to help make your life easier, flexible and more efficient. That’s why McKesson Practice Choice is more than a combined EHR and practice management product — it’s a comprehensive full practice solution.

McKesson Practice Choice Advanced: Combination of Technology & Services

With the McKesson Practice Choice Advanced™ solution, you gain a fully integrated EHR and powerful practice management system combined with a virtual back-office team to help you manage cash flow. This powerful combination of technology and services will help you improve the clinical, administrative and financial sides of your practice – at the same time, from a single source: McKesson Practice Choice Advanced. As a leader in revenue cycle management (RCM) services across the healthcare continuum, McKesson Business Performance Services will bring to your practice the people, processes and technology needed to help you increase revenues, control costs and reduce regulatory risks.