Chronic Care Management Programs Help Improve Quality of Care and Increase Reimbursement

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), approximately 93% of our nation’s total Medicare spending is on beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions. As the population ages, physician practices face the challenge of improving the quality of care for chronically ill patients while containing costs.

Under the new chronic care management program authorized by CMS, physicians are now being reimbursed under CPT® code 99490 for providing non-face-to-face care coordination services to eligible Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions. However, compliance with the program’s requirements is essential to receive payments, and meeting them on your own can require additional staff and technology investment.

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Optimize Practice Revenue and Help Offset the Rising Costs of Healthcare

With McKesson Chronic Care Management Services™, we can help you improve patient engagement and quality of care while getting paid through the new CMS program under CPT code 99490. Our services will help you meet CMS' billing requirements and capture revenue that might have otherwise been missed - all with no upfront costs.

Chronic Care Management

McKesson helps physician practices develop a chronic care management program designed to support improved patient outcomes and drive recurring reimbursement revenue without increasing staff or adding significant costs. With McKesson Chronic Care Management Services, our patient-centered team provides comprehensive care coordination that helps advance the support of your chronically ill patients and puts your physicians on the road to a value-based future.

Chronic Care Management: Another Step in the Journey to Value-based Care

McKesson Chronic Care Management Services is just one way you can start to transition from volume to value. But there are other services in our portfolio of value-based healthcare services that help hospitals and physicians assess and build the most effective management strategies.

Our step-by-step consultative approach helps you build and manage effective provider networks combined with the revenue cycle management infrastructure and clinical care coordination to help control costs and generate revenue. Regardless of where you are on your journey to value-based care, McKesson can help.