Patient Access: The First Step on the Journey to Improving the Patient Experience

In the wake of healthcare reform and the shift to value-based care, hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and physician practices need to achieve key financial objectives more than ever before, including increase staff efficiency, reduce denials, reduce appointment no-shows and referral leakage and secure pre-service payment collection. But they are also focused on improving the patient experience - a key driver of numerous quality initiatives and one of the underlying foundations to value-based care models.

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The Right Healthcare Call Center Makes the Difference

But with all these financial and clinical goals, how can healthcare providers even begin to drive up patient satisfaction scores? Many are turning to remote medical call centers to improve their patients’ ability to connect – they are seeking ways to use a centralized medical call center as a way to improve and streamline registration, scheduling, billing, collections and patient referrals from disparate clinics, practices and surgery centers.

But not all healthcare call centers are created equal. To achieve your patient access goals, it makes sense to seek a medical call center solution from McKesson, whose representatives have healthcare experience, whose metrics offer wait times of less than 60 seconds, where there is 99% call routing accuracy and whose robust infrastructure offers high availability, scalability and security.

McKesson’s Patient Access Services are most useful for hospitals and their employed practices as well as independent practices with more than 15 full-time physicians. Our comprehensive medical call center solution handles daytime and after hours patient calls for organizations who receive more than 60,000 patient calls annually. This call volume can be made up of appointment calls, prescription refill requests, taking messages for nurses, medical requests, patient portal requests, and more. Our compassionate team of professional, healthcare experienced patient access representatives can assist your patients before they come to your office and after their visit, to ensure a seamless and pleasant patient experience.

Optimize Revenue and Improve the Patient Experience with Patient Access Services

Healthcare, Medical and Hospital Call Center Services

McKesson's patient access services help hospitals and physicians assess and improve the financial health of their organization from the start of the revenue cycle. And by improving the quality of patient registration and billing data at pre- or point-of-service, your revenue cycle can run at top speed from the start and not only impact your bottom line but improve the overall patient experience as well. Download our eBook to learn key strategies and industry trends for improving the total patient experience.

From nurse advice, triage, disease management programs and post discharge follow up to pre-admission education, appointment scheduling, referrals, and billing/collections, healthcare call center services from McKesson will enable your health system or physician organization to quickly answer virtually any patient inquiry.

Patient Support

From scheduling appointments to assisting with prescription refills to providing call support for your clinical staff, these services are key to improving the quality of care and the overall patient experience journey at your hospital or practice.

  • Nurse Triage Call Center Services and Message Line: Immediate access to nurses who can assess the level of care needed for a patient and offer advice and direction for site of care, allowing your hospital or practice to focus on the patients that are presenting for services and allow telephone inquiries to direct callers with evidence based triage protocols.
  • Physician Referral Services: Streamlining and consolidating providers by specialty, services, hours of operation and providing patients and physicians a prioritized service to accelerate referrals with increased accuracy, affords your organization the opportunity to attract new patients and keep patients in-network, reducing lost patients and revenue.
  • Prescription Refill Line: Access for patients and local pharmacies to improve responsiveness to medication requests, increasing adherence for patients to improve the overall quality of care.
  • Pre-admission and Post-discharge Communication: Seamless experience for your patients from pre-registration, to post-discharge, improving quality of care along the care continuum.
  • Disease Management Programs: Collaborative effort among call center staff and multiple providers to empower your patients to self-treat to control costs at your organization
  • Patient Site of Care Location Navigation Support: Maps and logistical data to guide patients to your hospital or medical building to help ensure on-time appointments and no impact to revenue.
  • Healthcare Experienced Patient Service Representatives: Patient service representatives with background in healthcare offer a level of understanding and support to enhance the patient’s experience and improve the overall reputation of your organization.

Patient Scheduling Services

Physician scheduling optimization is an integral part of patient access. From eligibility to pre-service payment collection, patients are met with billing transparency and continue to stay in your network with friendly medical appointment reminders and post-discharge follow up.

  • Patient Registration: Access and proper utilization of provider schedules allows your hospital or practice to improve the efficiency of appointment time slots to ensure patients are informed and your revenue continues to grow.
  • Outpatient Procedures: Schedule coordination among multiple providers and sites of care ensure patients follow through on your directives, improving your access to lab and test results and their overall quality of care.
  • Eligibility and Medical Necessity Verification: Centralization of provider par/non par records, insurance coverage, propensity to pay, charity care screenings and an approval process for medical necessity and authorization to ensure accurate billing and improve compliance.
  • Pre-Service Payment Collection Services: Offering billing transparency and payment options to patients on the front end allows for an improved patient experience and reduced self-pay collections work on the back end.

Billing and Collections Services

Patient access is just one piece of the revenue cycle. An efficient front end with proper pre-registration and billing practices will allow for improved hospital and physician billing and coding accuracy across the entire revenue cycle.

  • Full Revenue Cycle Management Services: Billing and coding for multiple specialties and sub-specialties, including over 600+ certified coders, ensure coding accuracy, improve payment velocity and improve overall revenue for your hospital or practice.
  • Customer Service for Patient Payments: Inbound calls from your patients regarding billing questions, with an emphasis on customer service and experience, will improve speed to pay from patients, directly impacting your bottom line.

Technical Support Desk Services

Offering patients technical support for billing or just to get to their site of care is key to them keeping the appointments they made with your office, and key to your bottom line.

  • Patient Portal and Contact Support Services: Help patients through billing and patient data online portals, ensuring great customer service and a seamless online healthcare experience.
  • System Agnostic Experience: Call center staff have experience on McKesson and non-McKesson billing and EHR platforms, allowing system optimization efforts and your processes to flourish.

Proprietary Tools

Measuring the success of physician scheduling call center staff and processes is key to continuing to strive for 100% patient satisfaction ratings and an overall improvement in the patient experience.

  • Customized Phone Scripts: Access to provider schedules, new patient acceptance rules, pre-registration paperwork and more allow call center agents to personalize calls for each patient by physician, improving compliance across your hospital-employed practices and the overall patient experience.
  • Quality Assurance and Tracking Tools: Recorded and monitored calls ensure call center reps are acting within highest held standards, that soft skills are being utilized effectively and that by providing excellent customer service patients stay in your network and your revenue increases.
  • Live Metrics Dashboard: Real-time data and analytics measure call service levels such as speed to answer, abandonment rates and average handle time to ensure your patients’ needs are met with immediacy and friendly representatives, keeping your patients satisfied and in your network.