Strengthen Operations and Improve Margins with our EMS Billing and Coding Services

In an era of shrinking tax revenues and reduced reimbursements, government fire and emergency medical service (EMS) agencies need new ways to streamline operations and grow revenue. These issues also bring added complexity that makes managing EMS billing and coding much more challenging.

As a leader in revenue cycle management services for fire and EMS providers, McKesson Business Performance Services understands the unique challenges these entities face. We offer EMS billing services and coding services that let you focus on serving the needs of your community while we help you manage back office business functions.

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Helping EMS Providers Increase Cash Flow, Reduce Administrative Burdens

EMS Billing Services

Comprised of former EMS practitioners and CPAs, our team understands the business challenges facing fire and EMS agencies. We work closely with our clients to develop EMS billing and technology solutions that help reduce administrative overhead and optimize collections. We bridge the gap between operational knowledge and technology so that EMS providers like you can deliver the highest levels of performance – for emergency care and financial responsibility – to your communities and clients.

Our expert coders are certified by the National Academy of Ambulance Coding and the American Academy of Procedural Coders, and they use the most advanced technology to streamline the billing and collections process, helping to both optimize revenues and reduce claim processing time.

Understand Your Revenue Cycle Like You Never Have Before

With years of experience navigating the complexities of coding and documentation, we can help you mitigate compliance risk, enhance charge capture and improve accuracy. In the area of denials and appeals management, we can help you develop and implement EMS billing and collection improvement strategies that are designed to minimize accounts receivable days, reduce denials and optimize collection results.

We can help decrease bad debt and increase revenue by improving claims processing and pursuing collections to help you receive all reimbursement you are contractually owed. We’ll also provide a detailed monthly report of net revenue calculations and cash flow projections based on payer mix and monthly trending. Additional reporting tools will help you better understand the financial health of your agency.