Feedback Survey

Please tell us how satisfied or dissatisfied you were with the following.

1) How satisfied were you with the registration process?


2) How satisfied were you with the conference materials provided?


3) Overall, how satisfied were you with the speakers/presenters?


4) Overall, how satisfied were you with the conference facilities?

5) How many sessions did you attend?

6) Did you feel the length of conference sessions were too long, just about right, or too short?


Please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.

7) The content of conference sessions was appropriate and informative.


8) The conference was well organized.


9) Conference staff were helpful and courteous.


10) What kinds of sessions would you like to see included at future conferences?

11) What did you like most about the conference?

12) What did you like least about the conference?

13) Approximately how many conferences of this type do you attend annually?


14) Do you plan to attend this conference again next year?


15) Would you recommend this conference to others?


16) How would you rate this conference compared to other conferences of this type that you have attended?


17) In what ways could this conference be improved?