Determine the medical appropriateness of specific tests and support care decisions

McKesson brings its rigorous clinical development methodology to personalized medicine with InterQual® Molecular Diagnostics Criteria. The criteria provide evidence-based clinical decision support for molecular and genetic tests. You now have a tool for making effective utilization decisions at the point of care or in the preauthorization process, backed by the most current evidence at your fingertips.

InterQual Molecular Diagnostics Criteria covers over 550 tests, including more than 90% of high-volume molecular and genetic tests (internal analysis based on 2008 HCPCS data). An intuitive Q&A format delivered within automated workflows helps save time and promote the highest quality, efficiency and consistency of care. Quarterly updates continue to expand the criteria set while keeping pace with the latest evidence-based guidelines.


InterQual Molecular Diagnostics Criteria help:
  • Support evidence-based decisions. The criteria help you make more appropriate test utilization decisions, so treatment can be tailored to genetic make-up while allowing cost-effective allocation of medical resources.
  • Gain greater clarity and consistency. Highly automated reviews help you achieve best-practice consistency, accuracy and efficiency, both at the point of care and in the pre-authorization process.
  • Deliver evidence where you need it. You have immediate access to InterQual Clinical Evidence Summaries for each test family, available in PDF for review and to share with partners.
  • Keep you current on a rapidly growing field. McKesson helps you keep pace with quarterly updates that cover new diagnostic capabilities and reflect the most current, relevant evidence available on an extensive set of tests.