McKesson Applied Analytics™:
Unlock the Power of McKesson Analytics Explorer™ Reporting

Supercharge Your McKesson Technology Investment

McKesson Applied Analytics™ is a consulting service designed to help healthcare organizations get the most from the rich health data visualization tools in McKesson Analytics Explorer™. Dedicated to helping you maximize and accelerate your return on investment, McKesson Applied Analytics™ allows you to build beautiful reports within the first week even if your hospital or healthcare organization doesn't have a robust data analytics team on staff.

McKesson Applied Analytics™ creates custom, complex McKesson Analytics Explorer™ packages based on specific customer requirements. As part of the implementation process, our consultants include on-the-job training for the customer development team. Common packages include:

  • Daily Dashboard
    Daily volumes & census reporting with comparisons to budget and previous reporting period
  • Emergency Department Analytics
    Detailed analysis of Emergency Department arrival patterns, turnaround times, patient flow, inpatient boarding, and physician cost and utilization
  • Executive Dashboard
    Summary of performance on key metrics and detailed analysis for each
  • Hospitalist Analytics
    Cost, length of stay, consultant utilization, and clinical quality measures help hospitals optimize inpatient care
  • Market Share Analytics
    Referral patterns and competitor volumes including geospatial visualization and quantified market opportunities
  • Patient Flow Analytics
    Hospital-based patient flow metrics to identify throughput challenges and bottlenecks
  • Pay for Performance (P4P)
    Internal opportunity and financial impact of the P4P programs of value-based purchasing, hospital-acquired conditions, and readmissions including an interactive revenue modeling calculator
  • Pay for Performance (P4P)
    Contribution, profitability, and productivity analysis of physician office practices
  • Physician Utilization
    Comprehensive physician utilization and quality performance including internal peer comparisons for physician evaluation
  • Productivity
    Worked and paid hours per unit of service including modeling the impact of new staffing requests on performance versus productivity targets
  • Quality Scorecards
    Comprehensive quality and patient safety scorecards with summary performance and a detailed opportunity analysis
  • Readmission Analytics
    Actual observed readmission rates correlated with likelihood to readmit based on the modified LACE tool including the financial impact of improving rates
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics
    Detailed analysis of accounts receivable status including aging and discharged not final billed (DNFB), claims and claim status, late charges, financial transactions, and denials
  • Service Line Analytics
    Inpatient and ambulatory performance, profitability, and quality by organizational service line or with a deep dive into a single service line such as orthopedic surgery, hospitalists, cardiovascular surgery, and more
  • Visibility Analytics
    Bed placement, housekeeping, transportation, and patient attribute utilization using data from your visual bed tracking system, like McKesson Performance Visibility


  • Custom Analytics
    A custom-designed analytics application with a unique combination of data sources and desired visualizations

Free Templates: Don't Reinvent the Wheel

In addition to working with your team to develop custom analytics applications, the McKesson Applied Analytics™ team has built a library of analytics templates that are available to you at no extra charge with your purchase of McKesson Analytics Explorer™. Standard templates include:

  • Accounts Receivable
    Current accounts receivable status and historical trends on key revenue cycle metrics including days in accounts receivable and DNFB
  • Analytics Adoption*
    Monitor the use of analytics solutions in McKesson Business Insight & McKesson Analytics Explorer
  • Appointment Scheduling
    Clinic scheduling analytics including lag time, cancellation rates, and no-show rates
  • Daily Dashboard
    Daily volumes of key metrics including admissions, discharges, surgical cases, emergency visits, and average daily census
  • Emergency Department Throughput
    Organized by key time segment and emergency physician
  • Home Care Admissions
    Volumes, referrals, admissions, and discharges by home care program and admission type
  • Inpatient Mortality
    Inpatient mortality rates and improvement opportunities
  • Inpatient Profitability
    Contribution margin by service line and physician specialty at current and Medicare margins
  • Market Share Analytics
    Market share by hospital and service line using map-based geospatial visualizations
  • Patient Experience
    Patient satisfaction by service line, nursing unit, and attending physician
  • Patient Origin
    Volume and referral patterns by patient ZIP code
  • Payroll Analytics
    Premium labor and time analysis by department and pay type
  • Physician Office Productivity
    Actual versus budget relative value unit (RVU), productivity ratios, and excess fulltime employees for physician offices and clinics
  • Purchasing Analytics
    Purchasing, contracting, and requisition performance statistics using data from Pathways Materials Management™ or other systems
  • Radiology Analytics
    Report turnaround time by modality and radiologist
  • Readmission Analytics*
    Readmission rate analysis for 30-day any cause
  • Resource Consumption
    Cost opportunities by service line and physician
  • Secondary Diagnosis Analysis
    Profile the impact of complications and comorbidities on inpatient utilization
  • Surgery Analytics
    Volumes, room utilization, and surgeon cost comparisons

*Requires McKesson Performance Analytics™ Healthcare Analytics Software

Collaborate Beyond Your Network

McKesson Applied Analytics™ includes access to a highly active, online user community. Participation is completely optional, but many users find the community to be an extremely valuable resource for their investment in McKesson Analytics Explorer™. The community's goals include:

  • Create an active user community where expert users can both learn and contribute to the learning of others
  • Provide a forum to demonstrate and discuss how to deliver creative solutions to healthcare-specific problems
  • Enable advanced discussions on healthcare big data challenges and metrics
  • Share tips, tricks, and best practices for application configuration
  • Accelerate organizational adoption of McKesson Analytics Explorer™ and a healthcare analytics culture

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