McKesson Performance Budgeting™:
Flexible Support for Hospital Budget and Forecast Needs

Healthcare Budgeting, Forecasting, and Productivity in a Single Package

McKesson Performance Budgeting™ is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use application that will save you time and money while significantly improving your hospital budget and forecast processes. Additionally, McKesson Performance Budgeting™ is integrated with McKesson Performance Analytics™ for complete financial analysis and monitoring. More than 100 hospitals have used this solution to rapidly develop a more accurate and effective hospital budget process.

This reporting and analytics tool allows hospitals to analyze productivity, manage labor budget variance, and quickly identify variances throughout the year.

Benefits of McKesson Performance Budgeting™ Hospital Budget Software

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Improve quality of budget
  • Decrease time preparing budget
  • Improve quality of reporting
  • Gain control of labor usage
  • Model financial impact of changes in key variables

Key Features of McKesson Performance Budgeting™

Operating Budgeting

Realize immediate benefits and meet your precise needs while delivering an easy-to-use solution to your organization. McKesson Performance Budgeting™ is flexible enough to meet every organization's budgeting needs. For example:

  • Develop labor budgets by employee, job code, or a combination of the two
  • Incorporate existing labor guidelines into hospital budget development
  • Define levels of labor detail
  • Use expense budgets that are zero-based, volume driven, or require detailed input
  • Provide managers with detailed information to assist their budgeting efforts
  • Use net revenue budgeting tools
  • Generate continuous audit trails and completion monitoring throughout the budget process

Rolling Forecasting

In order to respond to rapidly changing trends, McKesson Performance Budgeting™ has the ability to model the financial impact of changes to key variables, such as volume, inflation, and payer mix. This includes:

  • Ratio analysis
  • Global assumptions and detailed exceptions
  • New project impact
  • Trend analysis
  • Quarterly budgets
  • Rapid assumption modeling
  • Flexible budget definitions and payroll detail
  • Payer mix and net revenue forecasting
  • Impact modeling of new strategic projects
  • Extensive reporting options

Productivity Analysis

Using detailed labor analysis and trending information, McKesson Performance Budgeting™ quickly determines the reason for productivity variances and reveals solutions. Intuitive labor productivity monitoring capabilities give hospitals control over their largest expense category.

  • Multiple views of labor variances are provided with causal explanations
  • Executive-level reports contain high-level information that can be analyzed at all levels of detail including employee-level information
  • Target labor can be volume adjusted to maintain your organization's staffing goals
  • Types of labor monitored can be easily tailored to meet reporting needs

Reporting and Analysis

McKesson Performance Budgeting™ delivers a wide range of budget reporting options designed to meet the information needs of all levels of the organization including department managers, directors, and executives. An extensive library of reports including income statements, fulltime employee data, volume analysis, and trend analysis is included to accelerate and simplify your reporting needs.

  • Automated distribution can be integrated with McKesson's business intelligence tools
  • Customized flags and alert options
  • Drill down options to facilitate rapid analysis
  • Consolidated reporting options for large organizations
  • Trend analysis reporting
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) graphs and tables
  • Report Builder option for rapid, on-the-fly analysis

Capital Budgeting

With McKesson Performance Budgeting™, your organization can define what information should be included in capital requests and how requests should be prioritized within the overall hospital budget. The Report Builder option summarizes and sorts all requests for final review and approval.

  • Easily defined fields, both required and optional
  • Strategic prioritization of capital requests
  • Analyze capital requests by facility, division, and more
  • Load open prior year capital projects to be included in the upcoming year's budget
  • Track the status of each capital request as it steps through user-defined approval stages

Want to save time and money while significantly improving your hospital budget and forecast processes? Contact us to learn more about McKesson Performance Budgeting™.

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