McKesson Performance Analytics™:
Manage Cost and Quality with Healthcare Analytics Software

Healthcare Analytics Software for Sustainable Performance Improvement

Using a visual approach to analyzing data, McKesson Performance Analytics™ helps healthcare stakeholders predict, model, and measure best practices and optimal outcomes in order to drive enterprise-wide improvements. With the healthcare analytics software's ability to keep these models in memory, an organization can quickly refine its improvement strategy and select the best course of action.

Serving as a single source of truth through data aggregation, McKesson Performance Analytics™ empowers all stakeholders to make fact-based, strategic decisions by:

  • Removing data silos that inhibit strategic decision making
  • Creating transparency at every level in the organization
  • Correlating the impact of business decisions on patient outcomes

Turn Data Into Action with McKesson Performance Analytics™

McKesson healthcare analytics software allows users to create actionable analyses from complex data, identify genuine opportunities for change, and translate those results into best practices by:

  • Identifying high-value opportunities for performance improvement in healthcare
  • Driving sustainable change
  • Evaluating clinical performance and clinical quality measures
  • Correlating outcomes and costs
  • Modeling cost and revenue
  • Analyzing, modeling, and predicting outcomes

McKesson Performance Analytics™ Provides Organizations with:

  • Comprehensive, extensible healthcare data models
  • Data integration appliance
  • Interactive, in-memory business intelligence
  • Stakeholder-centric visual dashboards, performance metrics, and data discovery tools
  • Outcomes-oriented Business Advisor Services for accelerated adoption

Business-specific Applications

  • Cost accounting, revenue modeling, budgeting
  • Value-based purchasing
  • Physician analytics
  • Readmission analysis
  • Predictive modeling

Outcomes-driven Implementation: A Foundation for Success

Healthcare analytics can only help you identify opportunities. To realize the full value, you must take action. McKesson's team of clinical, business, and technical advisors will help you establish the appropriate governance to ensure your organization treats analytics as a long-term strategic asset.

Before your implementation begins, our Business Advisors walk you through the Outcomes Achievement Framework, a guided methodology that drives your organizational-specific outcomes to meet your strategic objectives.

Then, the Value Velocity implementation methodology will help you:

  • Set strategic priorities
  • Identify key milestones
  • Build metrics and analytics processes that help you quickly derive value and drive long-term success

This customized delivery model for our healthcare analytics software is designed to smooth your entry and ensure rapid time to business value. Our outcomes-driven service meets you where you are, identifies your immediate needs, and provides pre-defined metrics and benchmarks right out of the box.

McKesson Business Advisors will work with you to develop a comprehensive rollout and adoption plan aligned with your organizational goals and strategies. We continue to work with you throughout the journey to ensure you are getting the most value from McKesson Performance Analytics™.

Healthcare-specific Applications & Expertise

Many healthcare analytics solutions require analysts with complex skillsets that are difficult to find in the market due to increasingly high demand. McKesson healthcare analytics software is different. Built by healthcare experts specifically for the healthcare industry, our user-friendly solutions are designed to address evolving challenges in the industry such as:

  • Measuring variability in physician practice
  • Mitigating pay-for-performance (P4P) penalties
  • Understanding your market share
  • Examining data across a single department—or the full enterprise

In addition, McKesson Business Advisors can provide years of healthcare consulting experience in financial, clinical, operational, and analytical leadership. Together, we can help you build applications and coach you through the creation of a successful healthcare analytics culture.

Contact us to learn more about how healthcare analytics software can help your organization predict, model, and measure best practices and optimal outcomes.

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