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McKesson is dedicated to providing education on a number of challenges and opportunities regarding health data analytics. We deliver relevant content to give you best practices, lessons learned, and a road map for better success.

Check out a list of upcoming and recorded webinars delivered in a quick and easy format from experienced experts in the healthcare field.

Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Business Operations

Using in-depth, drillable data visualizations, Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) is uncovering how their organization is truly performing. From executive dashboards to departmental visualizations, SAMC has a pulse on key performance metrics impacting their business.

And when your surgery department fuels ½ your organization's costs, yet yields ½ your organization's revenue, you are certainly interested in keeping a close eye on its performance.

During this webinar you will learn how SAMC is improving:

  • Best practices around waste management
  • Procedural cost per Surgeon
  • Scheduling and room utilization

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Visual Data Discovery Accelerates Time to Decision Making

Does sifting through endless pages of reporting sound familiar? The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) was no exception.

Join our live webinar to learn how URMC launched a pilot program focused on understanding the use and analysis of their data within their Oncology business. Now, with real-time and easy to consume reporting, URMC can focus on key areas such as inpatient and outpatient performance, as well keep pulse on their growing business across the region.

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Healthcare Interoperability: An Ecosystem Perspective

Across healthcare, we are looking for a silver bullet that can simultaneously improve quality, reduce costs, and improve access. Interoperability has the potential to achieve the elusive Triple Aim. With such potential for positive impact, why aren't we closer to interoperability today? Yes, we have made great strides so far, but now is not the time to take our foot off the gas pedal. Arien Malec discusses healthcare information as an ecosystem. Using this perspective, we can unlock the path to realizing interoperability by identifying the challenges that remain and determining what needs to be done to overcome these roadblocks.

During this webinar, we will discuss the following questions the industry faces:

  • How interoperable is the healthcare information ecosystem today?
  • Why aren't we further?
  • What is happening today and planned in the future to achieve true interoperability?

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Analytics Drive Accountability to Impact Financial Goals

To stay a cutting edge healthcare provider, no doubt you are engaging in a wide variety of internal projects related to the many external trends - consolidation of payers and providers, transition to value based payments, greater patient engagement, etc. - as well as internal priorities. Like you, St. Joseph's Health is balancing a diverse portfolio of projects. Join this live webinar to hear how St. Joseph's has used healthcare analytics to establish a culture of accountability to positively impact their financial metrics related to operational goals.

Join our webinar and learn how St. Jopseph's Health is leveraging analytics to drive accountability and productivity across internal projects.

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Turning Risk into Opportunity

With all the changes in the business of healthcare, the ability to readily identify and manage risk is crucial. This applies to every healthcare organization!

Join the McKesson Business Advisors on this upcoming webinar and learn how effective risk management can propel your organization's success.

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Assessing Your Analytics Competence

Strong analytics capabilities are essential to remaining competitive in the new healthcare environment. How can you be confident that your analytics strategy is on-target? A candid, realistic assessment of your analytics competencies and strategies is a great place to start.

Join the McKesson Business Advisors on this recorded webinar and learn concrete steps to evaluating how analytics can help you achieve your strategic goals.

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Bringing Analytics to the Clinical Frontline

Hear West Tennessee Healthcare explain how they leverage "big data" to inform targeted disease management interventions that drive clinical improvements for individual patients.

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Conscious Uncoupling: Separating Analytics from the IT Department

Analytics should be more than report running. Find out how Medical Center Hospital restructured its analytics program to strengthen data governance and support organization-wide process improvement. In this webinar, Gary Barnes, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Medical Center Hospital, and Dr. Arun Mathews, interim Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Information Officer, explain how creating a unified, integrated analytics department helped them enhance the value of their data.

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The Evolution of BI Reporting to Data Visualization

A major philosophy at Regions Hospital is to provide tools that are engaging and intuitive, allowing value to be easily recognized across the organization. Realizing that the full benefit of powerful clinical and financial data can only be unlocked if effectively presented, the role of the data analyst at Regions has evolved significantly. The business analyst does much more than just data mining. Today, strategic decision making and organizational change is being driven through effective data analysis and impactful communication of the findings.

Regions Hospital's Financial Planning and Decision Support team will show you how data visualization can transform how analysts and leaders can interpret the powerful data that exists within their organization to drive faster, more informed decisions that impact performance.

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Best Practices to Building a Culture of Data Confidence

Many health systems collect data, but as the healthcare environment changes (P4P, population health, etc.), some organizations find that the data they have gathered isn't yielding the actionable information they need.

Download our webinar with Self Regional Healthcare to learn how taking bold steps helped them navigate the journey ahead by focusing on their enterprise-wide data governance strategy. You will learn:

  • About Self Regional's journey with data collection, analytics and culture shifts
  • Data governance best practices
  • Lesson learned
  • Establishing data confidence

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Benchmarking Drives OR Efficiencies and Savings

Who really knows what their Operating Room (OR) throughput is? Good Samaritan hospital does. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Good Samaritan used OR Benchmarking to gain insight into their scheduling performance and the downstream impact of scheduling on OR throughput.

Brenda Winkler, Director of Perioperative Services will discuss how data accuracy created trust, helped gain physician alignment and uncovered opportunities to improve performance.

You will learn best practices on:

  • Resource Alignment
  • Improving patient satisfaction
  • Driving continued scheduling accuracy

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Revealing Productivity Performance to Drive Financial Improvements

During this Webinar, hear how South Georgia Medical Center established enterprise-wide transparency to reveal productivity trends across their organization. By understanding the financial impact of performance for areas such as Length of Stay (LOS), Case Mix Index (CMI), and other metrics, opportunities for improvement were quickly revealed to financial leaders. Last year, South Georgia Medical Center realized improvements resulting in a $1M decrease to salaries and benefits annually. Their focus on sustaining success – from benchmarking with a purpose to hardwiring culture to holding management accountable – is key to their future success and proving to be the real driver of change.

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Uncovering the Value in the Data: Quality Improvements enhancing insulin safety at Atlantic Health

Learn how Atlantic Health, located in Morristown, New Jersey, is using data visualization to build medication safety dashboards to gain insight and make improvements to the safe and effective use of insulin across their organization. Atlantic Health had a hypothesis - patients who may successfully manage their blood glucose level at home would often become hyperglycemic when surrounded by health care professionals in a hospital.

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Trailblazing a Path to Healthcare Data Competency

Trailblazers are strategic in selection of analytics tools and technology. They also focus on advancing their analytics power by developing and advancing new competencies throughout the enterprise.

Hear how Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is trailblazing a path to data competency by leveraging the power of analytics across their healthcare system. By addressing key emerging trends surrounding healthcare analytics – consolidation, costing, collaboration, etc. – they are engaging care teams to effectively instill a passion for excellence in order to achieve the clinical, quality, and cost improvements needed to succeed.

Learn how to be a trailblazer within your own organization. Lead everyone to march in the same direction toward the same destination with efforts to improve outcomes.

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Leveraging Data to Build a Successful Risk-Based Strategy

Learn how analytics can form the foundation of a strategically-based risk stratification approach and help to ensure optimal care for a given population.

Explore a practical approach to:

  • Determining and managing varying types of risk you are faced with today (financial, physician, population, IT/Analytics
  • Understanding Industry trends and how others across the country are taking on risk
  • Best practices to laying the foundation for and building a successful risk-based strategy
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9 Compelling Trends Driving Healthcare Analytics

How can healthcare leaders develop and sustain the organizational behaviors needed to thrive in today's market? Creating a culture of data-driven decision-making is a great place to start. When coupled with reliable data, healthcare analytics can provide a foundation of transparency and informed accountability that can fuel productive change.

Join us to learn how expert guidance can help you unlock the value of your data – and solve your most difficult clinical and financial challenges.

During this webinar, we will cover nine recently exposed healthcare analytics trends that reveal how enhancing your business intelligence can help you deliver sustainable results.

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2015 Healthcare Cost Accounting Perspective and Outlook

In this webinar, consultant Roger Crook of Yardley Consulting and executive director of product management, Deb Bulger of McKesson, examine the changing cost accounting landscape, new ways of evaluating costs across settings of care and the tools that can help you get there.

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Optimizing the Healthcare Analytics Experience

As automated systems have proliferated in healthcare, the mountain of data available for driving decisions has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, the labor force capabilities in this area haven't kept pace with the growth of data.

How can you optimize your healthcare analytics experience and ensure that your organization is making data-driven decisions that positively impact both patient care and the bottom line?

In this session, Tina Foster, VP, Business Advisor services, McKesson, will discuss how:

  • Healthcare organizations can optimize the healthcare analytics experience
  • Different users in the organization consume health data analytics
  • Healthcare organizations can build a culture of accountability through the use of enterprise-wide health data analytics
  • Effective, optimized use of health data analytics can positively impact your organization.
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Best Practices in Data Visualization

Now that your organization has a growing body of data – from EHR, claims, surgical information systems, and more – you need a way to easily use the data to positively impact your business. And it's here: data visualization.

Leaders who are familiar with charts and graphs in spreadsheets are amazed at the power of true data visualization beyond the spreadsheet. But what makes visualizations so powerful?

In this session, you'll hear our human factors and health data analytics experts discuss best practices in data visualization. They'll show how a visualized dataset powerfully communicates with users, discuss the visual nature of presenting data and provide guidance on how you can make your data presentation more impactful.

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Using Data to Address CMS Strategies for Reducing Non-Urgent Use of Eds

In January 2014, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published a bulletin identifying three strategies for reducing Nonurgent Use of Emergency Departments. During this webinar, we will explore how to use data to meet these CMS strategies and help you answer questions like: How does limited access to primary or urgent care affect the utilization of your ED after 5pm? Or, who are your repeat visitors?

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Using Data Analytics with Clinical Staff to Evaluate Length of Stay and Patient Satisfaction

For several years, Regions Hospital successfully focused on shortening length of stay (LOS). Regions-a 454-bed, level-1 trauma, urban, safety-net hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota-is part of the Health Partners integrated care network. However, during the past two years, Regions saw the numbers begin to increase again. Discussions with clinical staff suggested that one reason for the increase was a belief by physicians that longer LOS resulted in reduced readmissions. Since financial and analytics leaders were part of this discussion, Regions was able to evaluate the data and determine objectively whether this theory was valid.

During this webinar, Regions Hospital discusses how they used advanced data visualization tools to examine LOS, evaluate patient satisfaction, and drive new discussions with clinical staff to contain the increase in LOS.

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Bad Data: Who Suffers?

When your organization relies on bad data, everyone suffers. From the IT department to finance staff to clinicians, executives and patients, bad data is a bad scene. So how do you prevent a bad data experience? One word: governance. Join Krista Casey, MBA, during this one hour webinar, as she explores how data governance is critical to your healthcare analytics growth.

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5 Reports to Maximize First Case Start Accuracy and OR Room Turnover

One community hospital was able to increase their first case start time accuracy by 20% and decrease their OR turnover time by 5 minutes. How are you equipped to influence change in your OR? Join us as we explore five practical reports that will provide insight into driving necessary change to improve your OR room turnover and first case start times.

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Getting Ahead of Readmissions to Proactively Manage Financial Improvement

Are hospital readmissions threatening to impact the financial success of your organization? During this webinar, you will learn how Medical Center Hospital, located in Odessa, Texas, has been able to gain a deep understanding on their readmissions performance to proactively drive improvements across their organization.

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Creating a Culture of Efficiency in the OR: Bon Secours Improves on-time starts

Day-of-surgery disruptions to your surgery schedule can negatively impact patient and surgeon satisfaction, hospital costs and even patient safety. So your surgical suite's efficiency and profitability depend on first-case starts that reliably start on time. The key to driving compliance with on-time starts? A culture of accountability.

In this complimentary webinar, you'll learn how Bon Secours uncovered a previously hidden issue with first-case starts and drove change to improve overall efficiency and create a culture of accountability in the OR.

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