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Where does your team go to get data they can trust?

In many healthcare organizations, a request for data could yield three different answers from three different sources. At Medical Center Hospital, they've created a separate department of Analytics and Decision Support that offers staff in every department a standardized source of truth and the guidance to use it effectively.

In this webinar, Gary Barnes, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Medical Center Hospital, and Dr. Arun Mathews, interim Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Information Officer, will present Medical Center's experience with proposing and implementing a discrete analytics department, separate from IT, and describe how this new structure has helped strengthen data governance, improve processes and build trust in the data.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Medical Center established a standalone analytics department despite initial resistance
  • Why the data integrity cycle is central to the analytics function
  • How integrating data has increased revenues


Gary Barnes
Sr. Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Medical Center Hospital

Arun Mathews, MD
Interim CMIO / CMO
Medical Center Hospital