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During this Webinar, hear how South Georgia Medical Center established enterprise-wide transparency to reveal productivity trends across their organization. By understanding the financial impact of performance for areas such as Length of Stay (LOS), Case Mix Index (CMI), and other metrics, opportunities for improvement were quickly revealed to financial leaders. Last year, South Georgia Medical Center realized improvements resulting in a $1M decrease to salaries and benefits annually. Their focus on sustaining success – from benchmarking with a purpose to hardwiring culture to holding management accountable – is key to their future success and proving to be the real driver of change.

After This Webinar You'll Be Able To:

  • Describe the financial full time employee (FTE) goals for bond rating
  • Review strategies to maintain salary expenses without focusing on layoffs
  • Determine method for establishing a productivity index
  • Summarize best practices for establishing departmental benchmarks

Mandy McMillan
Director, Financial Planning
South Georgia Medical Center