When a prior authorization (PA) is required for a patient's prescription to be filled, this may lead to the patient abandoning the prescription if there are delays due to a manual PA process.

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Now with RelayRx™ Continuity of Care, pharmaceutical manufacturers can reduce medication non-compliance that may occur through prior authorizations and mitigate pharmacy callbacks to prescribers that may impact their preferred prescribed therapy.

Promote medication adherence with no interruptions to coordinated care

For qualified prescriptions, RelayRx Continuity of Care helps improve patient acquisition and retention by immediately converting a rejected claim to a paid one, enabling patients to begin therapy while a PA is in process. A prior authorization is automatically generated and sent to the prescriber from a rejected claim.

So whether the prescription denial and PA-reject are caused by a patient switching to a new plan or the plan chooses to not cover the prescription, Continuity of Care can help that patient receive their physician-prescribed therapy without delay. This greatly reduces workflow interruptions for the pharmacists and the physicians. And with fewer callbacks, the physician can make the best medical choice for the patient with less hesitation about whether the patient will encounter problems when picking up the prescription.

RelayRx Continuity of Care contributes to a better physician, pharmacy, and patient experience with improved therapy access, medication adherence, and customer satisfaction.