Supporting Physicians Through Data Sharing

McKesson supports primary care physicians with technology that securely shares patient information and communications, allowing providers to easily identify gaps in care and access data for developing a treatment plan. Through the secure, single sign-on McKesson VITAL Provider Portal -- reachable from within their existing workflow tool -- providers can access:

  • Disease registry
  • Current chronic care guidelines
  • Practice and patient-level gaps in care reports
  • Integrated health profile and health records to help physicians make care recommendations
  • General program materials such as newsletters and brochures
  • A Health Information Library that provides information and illustrations for thousands of medical conditions, surgical procedures and medications (articles written and reviewed by health care professionals and available for distribution to patients in multiple languages and appropriate literacy levels)
  • Links to PCCM panel lists, presentations from Program Advisory Board (PAB) meetings, archives of provider newsletters, answers to frequently asked questions, resources for pharmacy information, clinical practice guidelines and more
  • Bi-directional communication functionality between providers and care managers

Provider Portal Screenshot

Key features of the VITAL Provider Portal include:

  • Clinical insights: claims-based gaps in care at the panel and patient level
  • Access to critical patient information such as other prescribers, complete medication profile and self-reported information
  • Access to the patient’s care management care plan
  • Ability to communicate directly with care management team via secure messaging

The McKesson VITAL Provider Portal connects to our VITAL Platform and shares gaps in care analytics, secure messaging to/from the workflow tool, and patient demographics, clinical information and care plan data.

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