Access InterQual Your Way

Get access to InterQual® Criteria in the most effective way for you.

Access InterQual

  • InterQual View. Use this convenient solution for locally installed, reference-only access to InterQual. It features flexible print options, adjustable font sizes, informational notes and citations. It is available at no additional cost with your InterQual license.
  • InterQual Online. Get affordable, easy-to-use reference-only access to InterQual Criteria via the Web.
  • InterQual Anonymous Review. Perform interactive, Web-based reviews without specifying patient data, then transfer the results into another application. This is an ideal solution for government organizations.
  • InterQual Transparency. Give network providers access to InterQual Criteria in an intuitive, reference-only format via their provider portals. Physicians can simply log into the portal and click the link for InterQual Criteria. The criteria subsets appear in an easy-to-navigate screen display.
  • InterQual Mobile. Access InterQual Criteria on mobile devices at no additional cost with your InterQual license.

Integrate InterQual into Your Workflow

  • CareEnhance® Review Manager Enterprise. Automate your medical review and access workflow functionality to help improve accuracy and enhance data collection with our interactive, browser-based access to InterQual Criteria.

  • Your care management system. McKesson works with a variety of InterQual alliance partners to provide InterQual content and functionality within your care management system to achieve optimal care management workflow.

Automate authorization at the point of decision

  • InterQual Connect™. Access InterQual Criteria and leverage McKesson’s fast, secure cloud connectivity/data exchange functionality to send the medical review and clinical information needed for full auto-authorization. InterQual Connect™ is the only solution that automates the medical review and enables automated authorization within the context of payers’ and providers’ existing workflows.

  • Clear Coverage™. Automate authorization and coverage decisions in real-time. Clear Coverage is a cloud-based application and platform that incorporates InterQual Criteria and a health plan’s business rules into its fully automated, interactive workflow to help streamline medical review, benefit and eligibility verification, and network steerage.

Optimize your team's use of InterQual.

  • InterQual Interrater Reliability Suite. Measure how well and how consistently your staff applies InterQual Criteria with this Web-based tool to help improve usage and quality within your organization.

  • InterQual Content Customization Tool. Author and edit guidelines to incorporate locally developed business and medical policies into a single workflow with your licensed InterQual Criteria.