Easy, Efficient Access to InterQual Criteria

McKesson customers use InterQual® criteria in a variety of ways and we support customers by offering a variety of ways to access InterQual, each tailored to support a particular set of needs. InterQual® View is designed for customers who simply want direct access to InterQual criteria on a laptop or an internal server - without going to the internet.

InterQual View includes many ease of use features including:

  • Toggling among as many as 10 screens at a time.
  • Quick look ups for Quality Indicator Checklists, Transition Plans, notes and EBM citations and abstracts.
  • Ability to load InterQual Historical Criteria.

Long-time InterQual customers appreciate the ability to set larger font sizes for easier viewing. As well, you can choose to print InterQual criteria or subsets from View.


  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Streamlined process
  • Easy to work on cases from prior years

Do you want to know more about InterQual View or any of our other InterQual access options? Call us at 800-782-1334 or request more information