Optimize inventory management with expert supply chain management

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Today’s pharmacies and health systems need to streamline buying and optimize inventory management to identify savings and contain drug costs. Our advisors offer an in-depth review of your purchasing practices to identify opportunities and deliver expert, evidenced-based suggestions for improvement along the supply chain, helping you grow your operations.

Our highest priority is to empower you to run your business, so you can focus on what matters – patient care.

Our supply chain analysis can help your health system and pharmacy:
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Standardize tools and processes
  • Minimize stock-out risks and procurement errors
  • Improve operational inefficiencies
  • Identify savings
  • Decrease drug waste
  • Improve drug cost containment
  • Enforce measurable solutions
  • Mitigate risks
  • Manage contract compliance
  • Seize market share opportunities
  • Optimize brand-to-generic conversions
See how much your health system can save*
  • 957-bed hospital saved:
    $2.7 M through inventory reduction
  • 9 hospital clinics saved:
    $500K in expired medication
  • 1,025-bed hospital experienced:
    90% reduction in IVs returned to pharmacy for credit
  • 26-hospital system saved:
    $1M by streamlining formulary activities
  • A university medical center saved:
    $500K annually due to better medication inventory management

*These results depend on a variety of factors unique to each business. There is no guarantee your results will be similar.

Drug shortages threaten patient care

Mitigate the risk of drug shortages so you can develop contingency plans and balance inventory. Subscribe to receive our weekly drug shortages list so you can:

  • Create clear lines of communication
  • Gain transparency into the cause of shortages
  • Instantly access low-cost and in-stock alternatives

This easy-to-navigate report provides vital information to help you quickly adjust your purchasing decisions. In the report, you will find brand and generic product descriptions, item numbers, NDC numbers, reasons for the shortage and vendor contact information.

Current customers can log into McKesson Connect to see the drug shortages report.