Health system and pharmacy drug utilization and analytics

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As the cost of prescription drugs increases, finding ways to optimize and reduce costs can be challenging. We understand how time consuming it is to gather data from various sources and translate it into actionable insights. McKesson RxO™ Utilization Analytics solution can help your pharmacy track profit and loss and give you back precious time to spend focusing on what matters—your patients.

  • Identify profit (or loss) for outpatient drugs so you can make informed formulary decisions
  • Categorize high-cost diagnoses to identify cost drivers, compare prescribers and make changes to reduce costs
  • Classify usage of drugs by service line, prescriber, diagnosis and patient to implement and track cost-saving policies
Utilization by diagnosis and drug
  • Optimize and reduce drug costs
  • Identify cost drivers by diagnosis and make changes
  • View prescriber variance by diagnosis or drug to identify best practices and make changes
  • Monitor impact of changes on costs
  • Check compliance with medication policies
  • Recognize the impact of price increases on costs
Outpatient reimbursement
  • Recognize opportunities to optimize profit
  • Identify drugs with negative reimbursement and investigate/make changes
  • Compare profit margin by drug to optimize outpatient drug formulary/pathways
  • View prescriber variance to identify best practices and make changes
  • Monitor compliance with outpatient drug formulary
  • See profitability by drug and facility
  • View prescriber variance and payer mix
  • Improve staff efficiency by reducing time spent gathering data

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