Add portability and robust decision-support to every step in the pharmacy purchasing process.

Things move faster in pharmacies today. Order volumes are up. Staffing is down. There's constant pressure to prevent medication errors. Now there's an opportunity to break away-from want books for ordering, manual receiving with price stickers, and paper invoices-by making streamlined automation solutions the foundation of your high-performance pharmacy.

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Time-saving features:
  • Digital imager that will scan and decode most barcodes, including the new 2D or RSS formats that manufacturers are moving toward
  • Access to a database of the items in your item catalog with daily database updates 
  • View acquisition price along with a variety of other data points
  • Manage workflow and access to functionality at the user's level
  • Automatically create and send credit requests from the device to McKesson Connect
  • Export receiving and inventory files directly to your PC for audit and reporting
  • Remote device management capability allows the help desk to "see" your device and solve most of your issues on the first call
  • Learn the program at your convenience with Web-enabled and on-device training
  • Download Interdepartmental Billing departments, inventory accounts, and ordering departments from McKesson Connect into the device
  • Retain your critical work and data even if your battery dies
Powerful computing features:
  • High-resolution, large color screen
  • Latest mobile operating system (OS) from Microsoft that allows OS upgrades 
  • Fast Intel 360 MHz processor


  • Easy, insightful order-building-right at the shelf 
  • Portable item catalog updates with every sync so you always have the most current information 
  • Instant order submission to McKesson Connect


  • Speedy delivery check-in by tote, line, or item
  • Immediate detection of omits and errors


  • Automatically create returns for mispicks, overages, and shortages while you are receiving product. Send returns to McKesson Connect for review, or directly to your distribution center 
  • Simply scan product barcode labels and create other returns from anywhere in the pharmacy

Pharmacy Asset Management

  • Integrated with McKesson's award-winning Asset Management to optimize inventory turns 
  • Reorder quantities populate automatically when the order is sent from Mobile Manager 100 to McKesson Connect

Interdepartmental Billing

  • Used in many hospitals to support efficient workflow
  • Mobile cross-charge and credit capabilities between departments
  • Allows you to create invoices as your staff dispenses product

Physical Inventory

  • Build physical inventory files while walking your shelves
  • Send inventory files to McKesson Connect and directly to internal systems