As a pharmacy entrepreneur, you look at pharmacy automation as an investment—a platform for growth and a tool enabling you to compete.

That is why we have spent countless hours and endless days developing new automation and solutions that provide industry-leading count accuracy, operational savings and return on investment. Whether you fill 1,000 or 60,000 prescriptions per day—McKesson High Volume Solutions, the industry leader in pharmacy automation, has a solution for you.

We take time to understand your business and map out an automation solution that will support your goals and plans for growth. Our team is the most experienced in the industry—trust us to provide you with solutions that allow your staff to spend more time with your patients, while lowering your operating costs.

Optimize your financial performance

Reduce drug spend and open doors to new revenue. By leveraging HVS pharmacy automation, you can maximize labor efficiency, minimize cost to fill and inventory losses and increase cash flow resulting in significant savings to your organization.

Increase your operational efficiency

Automate medication filling processes and reduce administrative complexity to help reduce labor costs, raise productivity, dramatically reduce errors, speed the delivery of care and improve patient safety.

Improve your patient care

Improve clinical outcomes by reducing medication errors, getting medication to patients faster, freeing staff to spend more time with patients and generating savings that can fund improvements in other areas.

Pharmacy experts with real world advice

Tap into the deep insights of our pharmacy optimization consultants

McKesson HVS is the market leader in pharmacy automation with more installed systems of all shapes and sizes than anyone else in the nation.

McKesson HVS helps pharmacies increase the quality and lower the cost of providing safe, accurate and efficient pharmacy care.

With McKesson HVS, you benefit from:
  • A team of the most experienced sales, software and hardware engineers in the business
  • Customized solutions that are scalable to your growing business needs and plans
  • The industry's fastest and most accurate counting technology (99.99%)
  • Bar code medication technology
  • RFID technology
  • Lowest cost per script
  • Reduced labor and staffing needs
  • Smallest install footprint
  • Greater productivity
  • Improved patient safety features
  • Highest uptime and unparalleled reliability
  • Enhanced drug stocking integrity
  • Locking cells for industry-leading drug replenishment security
  • Low labor requirements for upkeep
  • High reliability
  • Scalability to grow with you
  • The power and synergies of McKesson, the leader in healthcare and technological solutions