EnterpriseRx Helps Outpatient Pharmacies Stay Connected And Growing.

The McKesson EnterpriseRx pharmacy management system gives you today's most advanced set of operational controls for your pharmacy. Streamlining procedures, reducing complexity, optimizing workflow, automating functions and freeing your staff from the bureaucracy that can impede excellent patient care. EnterpriseRx helps you interact across multiple data platforms and standards, eliminating communications barriers and empowering your operation to perform at its best.

EnterpriseRx can help you:

Create a Center for Patient Care Excellence

Underneath all of the technology, procedure, and paperwork, hospital pharmacists just want to care for patients. Simple and intuitive, EnterpriseRx can transform your pharmacy operations – smoothly integrating with your hospital’s patient ADT system, and helping you improve the patient experience – while expanding the reach of your organization.

Profit Through Excellence

Stay on top of your pharmacy operations’ business performance, reduce cost per fill, manage pricing and cash flow—and more, with EnterpriseRx management controls and optional, in-depth reporting functions.

Be Smart, Precise and In Control

EnterpriseRx Promise Time Workflow principles help your pharmacy serve more patients and process more prescription volume, thanks to real-time access to patient records and data on every prescription’s status. And with timely system alerts and full team safety responsibility, your operation can avoid costly prescription errors.

Meet the Challenges of Change

EnterpriseRx becomes the continuously updated nerve center of your pharmacy operations—the latest, real-time drug updates, healthcare reform and compliance changes, claims reimbursement and pricing changes, plus integral interoperability with your entire organization. You’re on top of the whole “change thing”—and it shows.

Simplify Supply Procurement

Take advantage of one stop shopping to secure pharmacy services like payment processing, printed solutions and more.

Pharmacy Management Solutions

McKesson’s Business Services provides practical solution-based services that meet the needs of pharmacies regardless of their pharmacy management system platform.

1. EnterpriseRx Suite

2. Pharmaserv Suite

  • Pharmaserv Suite for Independent Pharmacies
    Pharmaserv is the most comprehensive distributed pharmacy management system available to independent, small-chain and outpatient pharmacies.
  • Pharmaserv Signature Center
    An electronic signature capture and storage device that provides a paper-free solution to document pick-up logs and HIPAA privacy acknowledgements for Pharmaserv customers.
  • Pharmaserv Long-term Care
    Fully integrated with Pharmaserv, this pharmacy solution provides for excellence in patient care in long-term care facilities.
  • Pricing Services
    This exclusive Pharmaserv service updates the price schedules in the pharmacy management software automatically based on competitive prices in your geographical area.
  • Pharmaserv Chain Host
    A comprehensive pharmacy solution for Pharmaserv users that supports chain-wide control of key pharmacy activities to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, performance, and profitability.
  • Point of Sale
    McKesson Pharmacy Systems' Point of Sale system is designed to improve pharmacy front-end business processes with advanced, reliable, affordable IIAS compliant technology.
  • Pharmaserv Point-of-Sale
    Pharmaserv Point-of-Sale is a comprehensive IIAS certified solution for item tracking and promoting OTC merchandise while streamlining ordering, receiving, and customer checkout.
  • Secure Data Protection
    Pharmaserv users can utilize our premium server with removable disk backup technology to protect your pharmacy data around the clock.

3. Business Services

  • ComplyScan
    ComplyScan eliminates manual tracking of PSE product sales, improving customer experience while meeting the pharmacy compliance requirements of the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act.
  • Printing Services
    McKesson Printing Services can help you create a personalized, professional image with high-quality printed products, regardless of the pharmacy management system you use.

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