Independent Retail Pharmacies

As community healthcare leaders strongly committed to providing quality care and counseling, independent retail pharmacies such as yours are positioned to succeed. But you often face strong competitors in your markets. To compete and grow, you need more than just a pharmaceutical distributor—you need a strategic advisor.

McKesson can help advance the success of your independent pharmacy. We offer a wealth of resources that complement your dedication to quality care, plus strategic business solutions to help your business grow and prosper. We're committed to helping you achieve your personal and business goals.

McKesson's industry-leading programs and services are designed to enhance independent pharmacies' performance by targeting key profit drivers that industry research has shown are critical to your success

    • Pharmacy Brand

      Pharmacy Brand

      Independent pharmacies need a strong consumer brand to differentiate themselves in today's competitive environment. McKesson programs deliver expertise and resources tailored to the unique needs of your pharmacy so you can focus on your role as a trusted community healthcare advisor.

    • Merchandising Solutions

      Merchandising Solutions

      McKesson offers you the retail expertise to help you build your front-end sales and profits, by helping you select unique product categories that make your pharmacy the choice for local customers. We'll help you create a merchandising strategy to differentiate your pharmacy, and deliver the resources that can help you capture new profits.

    • Managed Care Solution

      Managed Care Solution

      McKesson offers retail pharmacies a full-service managed care solution — helping you serve more customers in your community than ever and maximizing savings for your business.

    • Marketing and Advertising Solutions

      Marketing and Advertising Solutions

      Independent pharmacies are known for personal care and patient service. McKesson brings you the resources to capitalize on this unique and valuable reputation, and to help establish your pharmacy as a health leader in your community. We've made it easy to market your pharmacy with flexible, easy-to-use communications that reach new and existing customers through local media, online channels and in your store.

    • Pharmacy Management Services

      Pharmacy Management Services

      With McKesson's Pharmacy Management Services you can spend time with patients rather than updating prices, managing prescription label orders, or negotiating with clearing houses over merchant services.

    • Ordering and Inventory Management

      Ordering and Inventory Management

      More efficient supply chain management helps you increase your volume and the number of customers you can serve, allowing you to increase customer satisfaction and reach your financial goals.

    • Medication Packaging

      Medication Packaging

      Leveraging McKesson's purchasing power and strong relationships with manufacturers, we offer bulk repackaged products for pharmacies' brand prescription medications.