Join thousands of McKesson independent and chain pharmacies and hundreds of hospital outpatient pharmacies who benefit from AccessHealth's suite of managed care services, including:

  • Expert third-party contracting including the majority of Medicare Part D plans nationwide, a competitive portfolio of long-term care plans and numerous closed networks 
  • Money management tools such as consolidated reimbursement, electronic funds transfer (five days a week) and online claim reports
  • Expert help from a professional staff with more than 35 years of combined managed care experience
  • Adjudication errors
  • Medicare Part D contracting and information
  • Rate resolution
  • MAC updates
  • Contract participation
  • Discount card programs
  • Audit Assistance

Notice: If you are a patient that receives health care services in Texas and McKesson AccessHealth has access to your health information, whether directly or indirectly, your health information may be subject to electronic disclosure in accordance with federal and state laws and any applicable contractual requirements.

  • AccessHealth's suite of managed care services

    • Expert Help

      Expert Help

      Call on our experts: AccessHealth customer service gets the right answer the first time

    • Money Management

      Money Management

      AccessHealth allows you to take control of your third party payments and capture the reimbursement dollars you've earned

    • Third-Party Contracting

      Third-Party Contracting

      As an AccessHealth member, you have the contracting strength of 3,000 pharmacies, and the superior reimbursement rates, terms, and contract conditions that come with it