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McKesson Pharmacy Systems' EnterpriseRx™ includes two types of pharmacy workflow configurations from which pharmacies can select:

  • Full workflow configuration organized by pharmacy workflow queues broken into five key steps: Reception, Data Entry, Product Dispensing, Verification and Release to Patient. Each queue contains individualized tasks that can be assigned to a specific workstation and corresponding pharmacist or technician.
  • Express Fill Configuration is ideal for pharmacies with staffing or space constraints. All tasks from full workflow configuration are represented but the Reception, Data Entry and Dispense steps are consolidated into a single screen, resulting in a three-step filling process for pharmacies.

The flexible, sophisticated pharmacy workflow system:

  • Allocates appropriate tasks to the pharmacy technician, decreasing administrative workload for pharmacists
  • Assigns tasks to the right staff to maximize the skills of pharmacy personnel
  • Increases patient safety through verification
  • Remains scalable to absorb additional prescription volume without adding staff