Medication synchronization software can improve medication adherence and increase pharmacy efficiency

Pharmacies that use a synchronization system can improve patient medication adherence efforts, leading to better performance on key payer quality measures and potential reduction in direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees. McKesson’s medication synchronization (med sync) software helps streamline your pharmacy workflow so patients with multiple prescriptions can make a single pharmacy visit each month.

Med sync functionality is built into each of our pharmacy management systems:

With medication synchronization software from McKesson Pharmacy Systems, you’ll be able to:

Streamline pharmacy operations, workflow and resource planning

  • Reduce inbound calls from patients requesting prescription refills.
  • Streamline the process of calling prescribers to authorize refills or review medication orders.
  • Consolidate multiple patient profile reviews in pharmacy workflow into a single comprehensive review.
  • Optimize drug orders, inventory carrying costs and staffing levels based on medication synchronization dates.

Boost pharmacy profitability and open new revenue streams

  • Reduce abandoned prescriptions to help improve pharmacy profitability.
  • Improve overall patient retention and incremental prescriptions through refill synchronization.
  • Decrease cost of dispensing and improve cash flow through improved workflow, inventory management and potential outbound mobile delivery.
  • Benefit from medication adherence so your pharmacy can fulfill network participation requirements.

Promote medication adherence, clinical wellness programs and customer satisfaction

  • Improve medication adherence to support patient wellness and achieve payer performance objectives.
  • Schedule patient counseling and monitor clinical wellness program engagement during monthly prescription pick-up visit.
  • Deliver monthly medication refills to patients at home by combining med sync functionality with our mobile delivery service.
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