Everything we offer is focused on making it easier for you to start, run and expand an independent pharmacy.

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MPS understands that independents want to run their business their way, and we are the only technology and service provider who offers freedom of choice.

Whether you're shopping for a pharmacy management system that can help you increase your revenue streams, improve your efficiency and profitability, heighten accuracy or add new patient care services, our selection of pharmacy management systems will fulfill your needs.

  • EnterpriseRx: Consider yourself cutting-edge pharmacist? EnterpriseRx is our most advanced system that can take you from one store to many across your community.
  • PharmacyRx: Managing a tight budget? Pharmacy Rx is a cost effective pharmacy management system that can be installed quickly and makes processing prescriptions swift and easy.
  • Pharmaserv: Not quite comfortable with SaaS or ASP delivery? Pharmaserv is an intuitive, fully integrated system that gives you full control of your pharmacy data.

Our systems offer a range of optional modules and integrated products such as point-of-sale, Workflow, IVR, barcode scanning, inventory management, Long Term Care, signature capture and centralized data for multi-store management.

Our portfolio can address your specific business needs while a partnership with McKesson will:

  • help you reduce costs through our economies of scale
  • set you up for success with adoption, maintenance, and support assistance
  • give you priority access to our interoperable network of business providers