Reinforce medication safety at the point of dispensing

RelayHealth offers RxSafety Advisor™ to pharmacies as a powerful solution for managing patient medication safety. By checking for potential mistakes during the prescription medication dispensing process, RxSafety Advisor helps reinforce your pharmacists' clinical expertise with proven technology so that medications can be dispensed with additional confidence.

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Reduce risk for dosing and dispensing errors

Screenings for look-alike/sound-alike (LASA) prescription drug pairs, along with medication dose checking, are offered to participating pharmacies to help extend safe dispensing to as many patients as possible.

RxSafety Advisor examines National Drug Code (NDC) numbers, dispensing quantities, and days' supplies and cross-references this data against absolute minimum and maximum safe dosing, clinical significance scoring and likelihood scoring to indicate the probability of a LASA medication error. When combined with your judgment, this helps to present a robust barrier against medication dispensing errors.

Provide additional medication dispensing safety with advanced services

Advanced services provide even greater screening benefits, including medication dose screening for pediatric (ages twelve and under) and geriatric (sixty-five years and older) patients.

RelayHealth also offers a host of other solutions to help ensure patient safety including real-time pharmaceutical manufacturer medication safety messaging and REMS programs to help ensure pharmacies can dispense select medications.

Features of RxSafety Advisor:
  • Screening for standard look-alike/sound-alike prescription drug pairs
  • Works with existing pharmacy management systems
  • Supports requirements of state quality assurance programs
We can help:
  • Reduce risk for medication dosing and dispensing errors to increase patient safety
  • Improve patient confidence
  • Enhance pharmacy staff productivity
  • Increase regulatory compliance for pharmacies