Pharmaceutical Distribution

When you partner with us, your pharmacy, hospital, practice, clinic or clinical laboratory benefits from access to a wide selection of drug products, delivered accurately, safely and on time.

Our pharmaceutical distribution services

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In our drug distribution centers, we have a common saying: “It’s not just a package, it’s a patient.” Our mission as your distribution partner is to help you improve the quality of care and service you deliver to patients and customers, and drive better financial results for your business.

Our breadth of drug types, accurate and timely delivery, flexibility, packaging options and reliability are just a few of the reasons to partner with us for your drug distribution needs.

Legacy of wholesale pharmaceutical distribution

Throughout our nearly two-century history, we’ve provided wholesale pharmaceutical distribution services to pharmacies in all health care provider and retail settings. Our robust distribution solutions quickly and efficiently move products from manufacturers to your dispensing location, saving you both time and money.

We aim to help you achieve better business and clinical results with product availability, world-class service and operational excellence. As a Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) and leader in drug distribution, our demonstrated excellence in drug supply chain security ensures your purchases are delivered accurately, safely and on time. Helping you comply with all federal drug purchasing, storage and dispensing regulations is our priority.

The scale of our pharmaceutical distribution operations

With distribution centers across the country, we are ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. Currently, we deliver one-third of all prescription medications in North America.

Due to our large global reach, you have access to competitively priced, high-quality products. We bring an expansive network of suppliers together through our sophisticated online pharmaceutical ordering platforms. You’ll find up-to-date pricing and inventory levels, order status-tracking, advanced search functionality, built-in applications and custom reports.

Our pharmaceutical sourcing is supported by long-standing supplier relationships with more than 500 drug manufacturers. Those relationships provide competitively priced, high-quality brand, generic and specialty drugs with marketplace-leading availability.

  • Wholesale pharmaceutical distribution solutions

    Your pharmacy has access to a comprehensive list of prescription and OTC medications and other pharmaceutical products, including:

    Brand name drugs

    Access a wide variety of high-quality, first-to-market brand name prescription medications at wholesale prices with our nationwide drug purchasing and distribution services.

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    Generic drugs

    Generic drugs keep your patients' costs down while delivering  the same quality and performance of brand drugs.

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    Vaccine supply

    Expand clinical services, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue opportunities with vaccine supply, purchasing and distribution services for retail and institutional pharmacies.

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    Flu vaccine supply

    Flu vaccine ordering and distribution services for pharmacies, including solutions for purchasing and stocking, as well as seasonal flu vaccine administration.

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    Specialty Distribution for Practices & Clinics

    Improve patient care outcomes and control drug spend with specialty drug distribution solutions for community-based physician practices and specialty medical clinics.

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    Plasma and Biologics

    Improve patient care outcomes and control drug spend with plasma, biologics and other specialty drug distribution solutions for hospitals, health systems and pharmacies of all types and sizes.

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    OTC pharmaceutical products

    Improve patient health, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue with access to a comprehensive catalog of OTC pharmaceutical, health and beauty products for pharmacies of all types and sizes.

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    Private-label pharmaceutical and medical-surgical products

    Improve patient outcomes and business results with private-label pharmaceutical and medical-surgical product purchasing and distribution solutions.

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  • Pharmacy technology and support

    Optimize your pharmacy’s drug spend through a full range of technologies, services and solutions, including:

    Drug spend management

    Drive more value from drug purchasing decisions with tools and solutions that offer your pharmacy competitive prices for high-quality pharmaceutical products and supplies.

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    Drug ordering technology and support

    Improve the operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness of your wholesale drug purchasing and distribution needs with McKesson Connect, our comprehensive online and mobile ordering platform for pharmacies.

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    Pharmacy network affiliations, partnerships

    Increase the purchasing power of your pharmacy or specialty medical practice through our pharmacy affiliations and partnerships that include GPOs, buying groups and PSAOs, all supported by exclusive peer groups.

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    Drug Packaging Solutions

    A wide variety of prescription drug repackaging solutions meet the individual clinical, business and compliance needs of pharmacies of all types and sizes.

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  • Are you a pharmaceutical manufacturer?

    We help drug manufacturers deliver pharmaceutical products safely, securely and efficiently.

  • Our Drug Distribution Network

    We deliver drugs to every setting of care, from national and retail chain pharmacies to independent pharmacies, hospitals, health systems and clinics.

    Our strong supplier relationships, combined with deep supply-chain expertise, allows us to deliver the right drug at the right time. From alternate-site and extended-care pharmacies to national chains and independents, we're here to help you offer your patients the excellent care they deserve.