In today's hyper-competitive pharmacy marketplace, your retail chain needs a partner with the scale and resources to keep you out in front. 

McKesson Pharmacy Systems works hard to be your first choice, with a state-of-the-art pharmacy management system, leading-edge technology, iron-clad data security, profitable packaged programs and the industry's largest distribution network.

We understand the needs of your operations, from ensuring safe, satisfied customers, to managing margins, growing sales and streamlining operations. You can count on McKesson and EnterpriseRx to enhance your chain's operational efficiency and financial performance.

EnterpriseRx can help you:

  • Improve Operations.
    Premium features such as robust reporting, integrated inventory, database management, Enhanced Refill Processing (ERP) and embedded workflow, along side add-ons such as Workload Balancing and Central Fill, allow retail chain pharmacies to streamline operations and manage administrative tasks with ease. Pharmacies save time and increase efficiency while enhancing oversight and control over pharmacy processes, enterprise-wide.
  • Enhance profitability.
    Highly automated, scalable workflow reduces overall per-prescription fill costs, allows pharmacies to increase script volume without adding more staff, and reduces IT requirements for lower infrastructure costs. Enterprise-wide reporting enables managers to make better business decisions.
  • Increase efficiency.
    Pharmacies can publish critical data in real-time to minimize errors and reduce delays with mobile/online portals, integrated faxing, and electronic physician messaging.
  • Emphasize patient care.
    EnterpriseRx dramatically increases accuracy, and helps manage patient expectations by organizing fulfillment based on promised delivery time. By prioritizing work in this fashion, patient satisfaction increases as customers experience fewer delays. Additionally, the workflow division of labor frees pharmacists from manual tasks while the centralized databases provide access to a complete patient profile, allowing pharmacists the time and information necessary to have meaningful customer interactions.
  • Simplify Supply Procurement.
    Take advantage of one stop shopping to secure pharmacy services like payment processing, printed solutions and more.
  • Pharmacy Management Solutions.
    McKesson's Business Services provides practical solution-based services that meet the needs of pharmacies regardless of their pharmacy management system platform.

1. EnterpriseRx Suite

  • EnterpriseRxSuite 
    McKesson Pharmacy Systems' EnterpriseRx is the industry's premiere next-generation pharmacy management system that empowers pharmacies to meet demands while enhancing profitability and efficiency.
  • EnterpriseRx Central Fill
    EnterpriseRx, McKesson Pharmacy Systems' next generation pharmacy software, includes an integrated Central Fill solution enabling pharmacies to move fulfillment offsite and cut dispensing costs.
  • EnterpriseRx Data Center
    The EnterpriseRx Data Center provides 24/7/365 availability, reliability and performance to pharmacies using EnterpriseRx SaaS based pharmacy software.
  • EnterpriseRx Workflow Configurations
    EnterpriseRx features flexible, scalable options for configuring pharmacy workflow to allow optimized, automated task assignment, workload routing and prescription verification for any size pharmacy.

2. Pharmaserv Suite

  • Point of Sale
    McKesson Pharmacy Systems' Point of Sale system is designed to improve pharmacy front-end business processes with advanced, reliable, affordable IIAS compliant technology.

3. Business Services

  • ProcessingServices
    Electronic payment processing services: credit, debit, electronic check processing, and the ability to sell prepaid wireless and long-distance cards and gift cards.
  • Gift Card Mall
    Enhance customer loyalty and increase profitability by adding the Gift Card Mall display rack to your pharmacy.
  • PrintingServices
    McKesson Printing Services can help you create a personalized, professional image with high-quality printed products, regardless of the pharmacy management system you use.