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McKesson is dedicated to providing education on a number of challenges and opportunities regarding population health management. We deliver relevant content to give you best practices, lessons learned, and a road map for better success.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars

Building a Successful Healthcare Management Model in a Provider Environment

Jan 22, 2015

Emerging healthcare management programs enable provider organizations to proactively manage high-risk patient populations, improve lives, and realize Pay for Performance outcomes.
Learn how St. Vincent's Health Partners, a Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) certified Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO), successfully deployed a care management strategy that empowers physicians to work smarter—not harder—using population analysis, risk stratification, and proactive care management workflow. Best practices will be shared.

How a Physician-Hospital Network Reduced Risk by Engaging High-Risk Patients

Nov 13, 2014

Ann Oasan, President of UniNet Healthcare Network and Hank Sakowski, MD Medical Director UniNet Healthcare Network will share effective techniques used to work with physicians to measure physician efficiency and develop innovative models and improved processes to eliminate millions of dollars in care costs while improving quality. Learn how risk management techniques saved one physician-hospital network as much as $5 million in 2012 by identifying and engaging with high-risk members.

You've Signed a Risk Contract, Now What?

Sep 23, 2014

Christopher Stanley, MD, VP Care Management with Catholic Health Initiatives demonstrates how success under risk contracts requires significant organizational change in multiple domains including new programs and technologies to support those risk management programs. As healthcare systems attempt to transform their organization and manage in an environment of conflicting incentives, new strategies to mitigate risk with new programs-such as customer retention, market share enhancement, and incentive alignment‐are necessary.

Population Health Management - Creating a Clinically Integrated Network

Jul 29, 2014

Dr. Michael Hunt DO, CMIO/CMO, St. Vincent's Health Partners, defines how an organization can condense disparate data sources to create timely, accurate, and actionable information allowing the healthcare team to address individual patient needs and improve the population's health at-large.

Centra Health & Physician Alignment

Mar 27, 2014

See how Centra, a locally-owned multi-hospital health system, went from losing market share against national reference labs to gaining a competitive edge, while also building efficiency from implementing HIE technologies.

Leveraging Your Data to Build a Successful Population Health Analytics Program Across Your Network

Mar 19, 2014

Analytics projects are critical to achieving cost and quality improvements through effective population health management. However, there tends to be a low success rate for analytics projects across all industries.

During this webinar, Emory Healthcare Network shares the process its team is following. Emory discusses key elements to succeed, pitfalls to avoid, best practices, lessons learned, and future initiatives.