Population Health Management Software for Clinical Integration

McKesson Population Managerâ„¢ is a population health management software solution that provides insight and actionable detail into the health of patient populations, helping provider networks achieve better health outcomes. It's also a first step to supporting clinical integration and risk-based contracting, where payers reward provider groups for better healthcare quality and cost-effective delivery. Would your physicians like to be rewarded for the positive results they help create? By working together for population health management, they can.

McKesson Population Manager can help your organization:

  • Achieve better preventive care and disease management
  • Improve physician compliance with quality measures and care guidelines, such as HEDIS, IHA
  • Streamline workflow and patient outreach
  • Generate PQRS reports on care quality for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Clinically integrate your provider network to enable contract negotiation

We can help your provider group achieve success with clinical integration and population health management. Our population health management software is a powerful clinical integration tool that drives improvements in quality of care in provider groups.

McKesson Population Manager provides:

  • Aggregated data from electronic health records (EHRs), practice management systems, pharmacies, labs, and more
  • Patient registries for common diseases to help you manage populations by promoting evidence-based care, track individual patients and get data on clinical events and lab results
  • Compliance reports to identify patients who need screenings or other care to better coordinate and close gaps in patient care
  • Physician alerts when a patient is due for care
  • Automated workflows to allow physicians to focus on patients
  • Predictive models that identify those patients at highest risk for hospitalization or further cost and can inform a more intensive care management approach

Benefits of intelligent registries for better health management

McKesson population health management software groups patients by demographics or disease conditions. Registries are not new, but how we implement them is. Historically, registries have been simple listings of patients with a common disease, such as diabetes. Our registries provide actionable detail so you can:

  • Track individual patients and identify patients with gaps in care
  • Drill-down to patient data on clinical events and lab results
  • Easily communicate with patients to advise that it's time to see the doctor
  • Give physicians patient-specific reminders and care guidance prior to each patient encounter
  • Alert physicians to needed care and tests for individual patients. In addition, integrated exception reporting supports the tracking of patients who refuse care or aren't eligible for a specific guideline.

Further, our registries let you get at the specific data you need, including:

  • Sort and group patients by disease, condition, guideline, and/or payer
  • Reports to optimize patient care and group performance
  • Details to promote desired physician behavior

Physicians work together on a common clinical integration platform

When your physicians work together they can create a powerful force for change for better health. McKesson Population Manager population health management software supports a system of community connectivity to help physician groups identify opportunities and follow through for better quality of care. This approach is an effective and positive way to promote guideline compliance for clinical integration.

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