Better Outcomes for Patients and for Business

Healthier patients mean better outcomes. McKesson Medical-Surgical provides proven expertise and powerful tools to help implement strategies that are critical to the success of performance-based models.

Business Reviews

Periodic business reviews help identify opportunities to streamline and make the best use of formulary items, capitalize on price fluctuations on contracted goods and services, and reveal ways to drive inefficiencies and costs out of the healthcare delivery system.

Ordering & Inventory Technology

McKesson Medical-Surgical’s suite of technology solutions can help each part of your business function more efficiently. From the front-end ordering process and delivery options to the back-end financial reporting and case costing, we are committed to helping you save time and reduce costs.

McKesson SupplyManager℠

Online ordering and reporting platform to help manage your supply spend

Every day you face the challenge of improving care for your patients while keeping an eye on supplies and managing expenses. That’s why we offer McKesson SupplyManager. This proprietary, web-based order management system is the way to make managing your business simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

With SupplyManager, you can locate the products needed by category, description, manufacturer or McKesson item number. You’re also able to manage, budget and track expenses easily with McKesson SpendManager℠. Or set up your budget and add another level of control with McKesson BudgetPlanner℠. SupplyManager also links to a variety of reports easily and quickly so you get an up-to-date view on supplies your patients need.

McKesson ScanManager℠

Barcode scanner to streamline the ordering process and better manage inventory

Preparing supply orders should take minutes, not hours. McKesson ScanManager uses bar code technology to give your staff the freedom to move directly into the storage area to accurately place a purchase order. This increases efficiency, gives better control over stocking levels and reduces errors.

  • Reduce order errors by eliminating manual ordering
  • Speed up the inventory management process
  • Streamline processes by sending orders directly to SupplyManager
  • Create orders on-the-spot wherever supplies are stored with our portable scanner
  • Know instantly that the right products were delivered by scanning the packing list
  • Simplify expense management with reports by GL code and location
  • Streamline physical inventory by using ScanManager for all your stocked items
McKesson Implant Manager

Web-based solution that automates the process for tracking, recording, and reporting the use of surgical implant devices

McKesson Implant Manager is your solution for automating your inventory management process. With advanced functionality and capabilities, McKesson Implant Manager will save your staff time and money by eliminating the burden of manually managing and replenishing your center’s Intraocular Lens (IOL) inventory.

This web-based solution developed by McKesson Medical-Surgical utilizes barcode scanning technology to automate the process for tracking, recording, and reporting the use of surgical implant devices such as IOLs.

Implant Manager is fast and easy to use:

  • Quickly receive and track IOLs at your center
  • Automate your bill and replace process, along with easily returning unused IOLs
  • Submit manufacturer FDA patient registration cards paperlessly
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