Hospital Scheduling Software Improves Staffing Effectiveness Across the Care Continuum

The flagship product of McKesson's Workforce Management Suite, ANSOS One-Staff™ is an enterprise productivity management system that can help your organization achieve superior patient outcomes by balancing clinical needs with the personal and professional goals of your staff.

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For more than 28 years, ANSOS One-Staff™ has helped healthcare staffing management meet budgetary targets and address performance gaps by effectively anticipating clinically relevant workload conditions and making staff scheduling adjustments in real time.

Our Customers Speak

"The next step in our organization's evolution of the staffing/scheduling process is to focus on balancing schedules. You've got to have a good foundation in productivity and position control before you can truly use the system to balance and staff on a daily basis."

Alyson Nalewaik
Staffing Systems Analyst
Lee Memorial Health

"There are about 4,400 positions staffed via ANSOS one-Staff across multiple locations. ANSOS One-Staff provides visibility into exactly who is working and where. This is particularly helpful for radiology as they are quite spread out in locations all over town."

Judy Beaupre
Nursing Finance Systems
Maine Medical Center


  • Allows facilities to collect patient acuity and workload data in order to accurately forecast staffing requirements for clinically driven staff scheduling
  • Reduces time spent on staff management functions by up to 75% for increased productivity and a proven return on investment
  • Empowers staff to choose fulfilling schedules and decreases dependence on agency personnel


  • Web Scheduler module supports self-scheduling and empowers employees to maintain work/life balance
  • Automatically generated, proactive hospital scheduling is based on core coverage goals, customized scheduling rules, and individual scheduling preferences
  • On-demand dashboards promote compliance and manage credentialing for Magnet recognition by supplying management reporting to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the Joint Commission and state regulatory agencies
  • Real-time staffing data allows managers to identify, assign, and recalibrate staff and agency personnel to comply with nurse-to-patient staff ratios
  • Personalized, role-based web reporting of productivity and labor costs provides managers with the information they need to proactively maintain costs on a shift-by-shift and unit-by-unit basis

ANSOS One-Staff offers several optional modules, including:

  • Web Scheduler
    Harnesses the power of the Internet to provide real-time communication to an organization's management and employee communities for effective staff scheduling.
  • Assignment and Workload Manager
    Uses patient acuity and workload data to accurately forecast staffing requirements and provide quality patient care without overburdening staff.
  • Web Reporting
    Turns the wealth of staffing data collected in ANSOS One-Staff into clear, comprehensive graphical dashboards that can be used to effectively analyze indicators in real time.

Other Workforce Management Suite Products:

  • eShift
    An open-shift management solution that creates a more flexible staffing environment and improved scheduling control for enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs, and empowered staff.
  • McKesson Time and Attendance
    A web-based time and labor solution that streamlines the time entry, time approval, and accrual management processes.