The Open Shift Management Solution that Empowers Staff with Flexible Scheduling Options

Have nursing shortages and increased patient volumes left your organization struggling to fill open shifts? eShift™, McKesson's innovative open shift management solution, can effectively decrease your agency usage while providing your staff with improved scheduling control through a variety of shift bidding options. eShift accommodates staff scheduling preferences and increases staff morale for improved recruitment and retention of top talent.

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This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution has a small footprint, is easy to implement, and can be deployed within 6 weeks with minimal IT support.

Our Customers Speak

"The Magnet Recognition Program® of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) loves whatever you can do to help nursing achieve job satisfaction. eShift provides that satisfaction by giving staff better access to the schedule, better communication with nursing managers, and better access to pick up the shifts they really want."

Tara Claudio, BSN, RN
Manager, Nursing Systems
Meridian Health

"We don’t have a big pool of nurses, so we must make the most of what we have. We use eShift to move human assets in our staffing resource center to the place they are most needed for staffing balance. And because eShift allows each unit to implement a process that best aligns with their departmental procedures, adoption across the organization has been strong."

Alyson Nalewaik
Staffing System Analyst
Lee Memorial Health


  • Allows staff to make proactive decisions about work schedules to meet personal financial goals and achieve a greater work/life balance
  • Increases retention rates and builds a culture of empowerment by allowing staff to self-schedule
  • Enables organizations to leverage current staff and realign resources to decrease agency usage
  • Assures equitable staffing by automatically selecting the most qualified employee for a shift based on organization-defined criteria


  • Multi-stage release of open shifts to progressively larger staffing groups in a pre-specified order ensures optimal coverage, staffing fit, and efficiencies
  • Easy-to use interface minimizes the length and cost of training

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