Real-Time Communication Promotes Efficient and Equitable Staff Scheduling

McKesson's Web Scheduler module provides real-time communication to your employees, supporting the creation of an equitable schedule by granting all employees the same access to scheduling information.

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As a Web-based front end to ANSOS One-Staff, Web Scheduler is designed to facilitate effective and efficient staff scheduling. Managers can use Web Scheduler to view the variance between required shifts and filled shifts in real-time, and employees can use it to view and request open shifts. Open shifts can also be time-staged by employee tiers to ensure equitable self-scheduling for all employees.


  • Increases rate of filled shifts by improving access to open-shift opportunities
  • Supports overtime reduction by allowing open shifts to be posted first to part-time staff
  • Improves employee and manager satisfaction through convenience of at-home schedule management
  • Provides management with flexibility to approve or deny all requests and manage daily paid time off
  • Maintains authority of the "master schedule" by conveying all scheduling changes to ANSOS One-Staff


  • Publication of open shifts to qualified staff gives employees desired access, flexibility, and control over their schedules
  • Tiered release of open shifts supports equitable self-scheduling
  • Synchronization with ANSOS One-Staff allows variable core and self-scheduling options for every unit
  • Highly customizable security options provide flexibility and accountability

Workforce Management Suite Products:

  • ANSOS One-Staff
    An enterprise productivity management solution that balances the clinical needs of the organization with the personal and professional goals of the staff, resulting in consistently excellent patient care.
  • eShift
    An open-shift management solution that creates a more flexible staffing environment and improved scheduling control for enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs, and empowered staff.
  • McKesson Time and Attendance
    A web-based time and labor solution that streamlines the time entry, time approval, and accrual management processes.