Create a Truly Integrated Cath Lab

The McKesson Cardiology™ Cath solution is a patient-centric cardiac imaging solution and information management system for catheterization labs. The integrated cath lab solution allows your hospital to manage the complete periprocedural workflow of the cath environment.

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Its unique single platform design consolidates data from multiple sources to eliminate redundant data entry and provide a complete cardiovascular electronic medical record (EMR) including images, reports, waveforms, along with integrated charge capture and inventory management. The design helps to provide improved efficiency, reduce potential errors and improve charge capture for both technical and professional services.

The McKesson Cardiology integrated cath lab and cardiac imaging environment is comprised of the following modules:

  • CVIS - a complete, multi-modality cardiac imaging and reporting platform for coronary, peripheral vascular and electrophysiology procedures
  • Holding Area Charting – a module to document both the pre and post procedure holding area information. It captures the data at the point of care, including automatic vitals import from the bedside monitors
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring – supporting patients of all ages for coronary, peripheral vascular and electrophysiology procedures
  • Nurse Charting Solution – allows for parallel procedural documentation of medications, saturations, notes and inventory usage, by the in-room staff
  • Inventory Management – a point-of-use solution that with a single barcode scan will automatically update clinical documentation, generate charges from the physician report, adjust stock levels and electronically send orders, saving time and reducing operational costs

McKesson Cardiology Cath Helps to

  • Improve clinical decision-making and patient care by aggregating all cardiac imaging solutions and information sources into one patient-centric database
  • Enhance workflow by ensuring rapid access to complete and accurate images and information over local or remote networks
  • Reduce redundant data entry and risk of error with the single instance of data entry. The single platform provides access to that data from any location or module
  • Streamline all patient care and administrative processes, resulting in unmatched productivity

McKesson Cardiology Cath Features

  • The intuitive and advanced cath lab reporting application allows facilities to define the user interface according to individual requirements
  • Comprehensive multi-modality support enables users to access an array of images and make decisions based on comprehensive information
  • Advanced cardiac imaging functionality enables cardiologists to annotate, process and measure directly on the cardiac image
  • Advanced web viewing capabilities that emulate a workstation experience make it possible for users to complete all tasks remotely
  • Web-based access to the system's full functionality make it possible for cardiologists to finalize procedure reports via the web

Allow Real-Time Inclusion of Hemodynamic Data

McKesson Cardiology Hemo, McKesson Cardiology Holding Area Charting, McKesson Cardiology Nurse Charting Solution, McKesson Cardiology Cath and McKesson Cardiology EP share a single database, allowing for real-time inclusion of hemodynamic and other procedural data into the final cath and EP procedure reports.

Improve Workflow

With this cath lab and cardiac imaging solution, workflow improves at each juncture, from image and data acquisition to review, storage, reporting and scheduling. Versatile interfaces deliver integration with echocardiography, inventory, billing systems and other third-party hardware and information systems.

Support Industry Standards and Achieve HIPAA Compliance

McKesson Cardiology Cath supports industry standards, including DICOM, HL7 and the IHE initiative for integration with existing hardware and information systems. It contributes to hospital compliance with HIPAA regulations. Ultimately, McKesson Cardiology Cath simplifies workflow in the cath lab, improves productivity and enhances patient care.