Streamline Your Ultrasound Workflows

McKesson Cardiology™ Echo and Vascular Ultrasound streamlines sonographer and physician throughput while helping to improve patient care. A major echocardiography software workflow improvement is the reduction in time the physician needs to review and complete the report through the robust web-enabled reporting module.

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Here's how the system works:
  • DICOM modality work lists send orders to the ultrasound cart
  • The cart sends DICOM Images and Structured Reports (SR) to McKesson Cardiology
  • One central cardiac patient file holds all of this information, including images, measurements and other ultrasound machine data
  • Report fields are prepopulated and finalized reports can be sent back to the patient's medical record
The end result? No more video and paper-and a drastic reduction in data entry errors.

McKesson Cardiology Echo and Vascular Ultrasound are part of the comprehensive Cardiovascular Imaging and Information System (CVIS), a single solution joining cardiac and peripheral catheterization, hemodynamics monitoring, nuclear cardiology and ECG management. The echocardiography software system seamlessly integrates with RIS/PACS, inventory, billing, orders, and work lists to ensure accurate and timely transfer of patient information.

McKesson Cardiology Echo and Vascular Help to

  • Enhance clinical decision making by providing access to aggregated data from a patients current and historical echo and vascular studies stored in one patient-centric database
  • Improve workflow and productivity by enabling users to view images and information over local or remote networks and by providing the simultaneous review of images and reports, leading to significant time and cost savings for the department
  • Streamline processes by enabling users to sign reports electronically from any location over the web
  • Reduce labor requirements by generating transcription-quality final reports quickly and easily
  • Streamline echocardiography workflow and maximize productivity by incorporating comprehensive 3D/4D advanced echocardiography software visualization solutions from TomTec®¹

McKesson Cardiology Echo and Vascular Features

  • Compliant with Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL), Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) and the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) guidelines in terms of report organization, procedure protocol and mandatory data elements
  • Review stress echo images alongside the ECG data to help you create complete stress echo reports with the addition of McKesson Cardiology™ ECG Management
  • Through DICOM Structured Reporting or optical character recognition ultrasound machine measurements are imported and prepopulated to the report
  • Manage statistical reports and data-mining with McKesson Cardiology™ Statistical Report Center
  • Comprehensive and highly customizable reporting echocardiology software makes it possible to meet all needs from one workstation, locally or over the Internet
  • Advanced functionality including complete peripheral vascular ultrasound, TTE, TEE and stress reporting modules helps to meet all department needs
  • The Charge Manager captures technical and professional charges according to the structured data entered into the system

¹TomTec® is a registered trademark of TomTec Imaging Systems Gmbh