The CVIS That Meets All Your Cardiac Department Needs

Organizations want to improve quality of care, boost efficiencies and reduce costs while increasing physician and staff satisfaction. The McKesson Cardiology™ CVIS single database design provides the entire care team with access to the complete cardiovascular electronic medical record (EMR) – images, reports, waveforms, all with integrated charge and inventory management – whenever and wherever it’s needed.

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The infrastructure of the McKesson Cardiology cardiovascular information system (CVIS) helps to accomplish these benefits by supporting the parallel workflows common within cardiac and peripheral catheterization, hemodynamics monitoring, electrophysiology, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, nuclear cardiology and ECG/stress/holter management.

McKesson Cardiology CVIS Helps to:
  • Improve patient safety and quality of care by providing physicians with anywhere access to each patient’s complete cardiovascular medical record
  • Improve efficiency and reduce errors by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Increase productivity and throughput in the entire cardiology department by providing a single point of access to all cardiac images and information
  • Provide a workflow that enables timely reimbursements while supporting your efforts to reduce the risk of claims denial
  • Streamline cardiovascular information system workflow, resulting in clinicians focusing more on patient care
  • Strengthen referral relationships by expediting report creation and distribution
  • Integrate the McKesson Cardiology CVIS into your HIS for increased benefits
McKesson Cardiology CVIS Features:
  • The integration of reports, images, waveforms and measurements into the patient's complete record helps create an enterprise medical imaging and information management solution
  • An integrated cardiac electronic medical record (EMR) in one database provides a single point of access to the current and historical cardiac images and information, including hemodynamic and ECG data
  • Customizable reporting tools for the cath and electrophysiology labs, echo and vascular departments, nuclear cardiology department and ECG department make it possible for users to quickly document and analyze care practices
  • Workstation-quality web access to procedures and report completion enables users to carry out a variety of clinical care tasks from remote locations
  • McKesson Cardiology CVIS can be launched from within the McKesson Radiology environment creating a true Enterprise Imaging solution

Discover more about McKesson CVIS and its statistical report center (PDF, 434 KB) capabilities or download our brochure (PDF, 708 KB).