A Better Vendor Neutral Archive Solution to Archive, Manage and Deliver Your Imaging Data

McKesson Enterprise Image Repository™ is a vendor neutral archive solution that provides a better way to archive, manage and deliver your imaging data without requiring a lot of resources and without locking you into a specific PACS system. We want you to be able to leverage and choose whichever workflow makes sense for radiology, cardiology and the other imaging-generating departments at your organization, so we’ve built a vendor neutral archive storage platform that has scalable, open architecture using off-the-shelf hardware. We also apply a standards based approach to create true neutrality between disparate systems.

Designed to reduce the complexity of integrations and interfaces across the enterprise, our vendor neutral archive helps to simplify enterprise-wide access to imaging information and facilitates enhanced clinical collaborations. With a single point of distribution and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration for imaging data, data sharing throughout the enterprise is only the beginning. Ultimately, with the evolution of healthcare collaboration as a critical element of quality patient care, McKesson Enterprise Image Repository enables image data sharing between disparate healthcare enterprises or systems, where such sharing is legally permitted.

Though access and information sharing is a key benefit of McKesson Enterprise Image Repository, they should not overshadow the obvious financial benefits. Our vendor neutral archive reduces the escalating, image management related expenditures including hardware and operating costs through system consolidation:

  • Centralized management of enterprise medical imaging data, optimizing the number of individual systems that need to be maintained
  • Economies of scale by investing in a single larger vendor neutral archive storage platform for all image data
  • Savings from never needing to migrate PACS data again

McKesson Enterprise Image Repository System Dashboard

Discover How Vendor Neutral Archive Solutions from McKesson Simplify Enterprisewide Access to Imaging InformationSystem Dashboard is a native application of the McKesson Enterprise Image Repository. It helps to provide more visibility and control of vendor neutral archive systems through a remotely accessible web-based medical imaging archiving solution dashboard, enabling hospital administrators to pro-actively monitor the status of system components in four key areas to help increase user confidence and adoption via better system health:

  • Connectivity & Bandwidth
  • Process & Interface Health
  • Archive Storage Capacity
  • Cache Storage Capacity

McKesson Enterprise Image Repository Retention Management™

Retention Management is a chargeable add-on feature of McKesson Enterprise Image Repository™ that helps you to manage legal liability while enabling a reduction in radiology PACS storage costs. The add-on medical imaging solution removes data according to user-defined retention rules that reflect your retention policies. Retention Management helps facilitate the deletion of legacy radiology studies by allowing you, as a hospital administrator, to:

  • Create retention/purge rules that are in line with official hospital retention policies and that may be set per facility according to jurisdictional requirements
  • Help protect patient data for legal cases
  • Allows you to determine which studies to delete using multi-phase review and delete cycle

McKesson Clinical Data Exchange™ Publisher Module

Publisher module allows facilities to configure sharing of prior patient imaging exams from our vendor neutral archive and reports from the HL7®-capable reporting systems within an XDS affinity domain.

As an IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) Document Source and XDS-I Imaging Document Source, McKesson Clinical Data Exchange™ Publisher is deployed in conjunction with McKesson Enterprise Image Repository (version 11.9 or later) and, optionally, an HL7-capable reporting system to:

  • Enable sharing of reported DICOM studies and study reports
  • Respond to requests for DICOM files within the McKesson Enterprise Image Repository from any XDS-I Imaging Document Consumer

This tool can help empower diagnosticians and referring physicians to share information and create a data sharing community. As a result, users will have ready access to the prior patient imaging exams, regardless of where the patient receives care.

Learn more about our vendor neutral archive by downloading our McKesson Enterprise Image Repository brochure above under Product Information.