Advanced Digital Mammography System and Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation Workflow. Using Only Your PACS.

Help reduce the need for a dedicated specialty mammography workstation with McKesson Radiology Mammography Plus™, a single platform for both radiology PACS and mammography reading that allows users web-enabled access from any workstation to multimodality breast imaging with all the advantages of a robust PACS environment.

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McKesson Radiology Mammography Plus Version 2.0 is a natively embedded advanced workflow solution for breast imaging and interpretation that adds unique workflow capabilities and specialized tools to help optimize the primary interpretation of DBT for high volume breast screening and advanced diagnostic mammography at the McKesson Radiology Station™. In addition, it introduces support for new market requirements for breast density reporting and a more efficient display of prior assessment category. Take this single reading environment further by leveraging PACS-driven productivity tools that extend to mammography including the ability to submit clinically significant cases to McKesson Study Share™ for tumor boards and presentations.


  • Helps departments realize cost-savings
  • Single workstation access to both 2D and DBT breast imaging
  • Native embedded advanced workflow for both 2D and DBT
  • Standards-based


  • Import, store, and display DBT exams using standards-based DICOM Breast Tomosynthesis Object (BTO)
  • Support for synthesized 2-D mammography image view
  • Workflow navigation tools including advanced dynamic cine tool with ability to embed cine mode DBT into display protocols
  • Advanced slabbing tool which combines DBT slices into a single slab of a user-selected thickness
  • Site-wide and user configurable display protocols to display DBT along with other breast imaging procedures
  • Support for multiple magnifying glass
  • Support for breast density
  • Support for Reporting assessment category
  • Historical similar images enhancements
  • Bi-lateral quadrant zooming enhancements
  • IHE Mammography Profile Support
  • DICOM CAD-SR Support
  • Reading Room Environment Control
  • MG Extended User Options