Radiology Imaging Software Provides Access to Information Wherever and Whenever You Need it, Helping You Improve Workflows and Reduce Costs

McKesson Radiology™ leverages our web-based platform, which provides the ultimate PACS experience while allowing you to keep overall costs down. McKesson Radiology Station™, the client application of our McKesson Radiology solution, provides high-resolution image-display, workflow-efficiency and system-integration capabilities that you have come to expect. At the same time, McKesson Radiology decreases your TCO via a flexible and scalable architecture that successfully handles your organization’s growing data-management needs.

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Let McKesson Radiology™ imaging software assist you in improving physician engagement by providing radiologists and referring physicians with improved access to images and clinical reports so that they can help deliver optimal patient care.

Our comprehensive PACS system includes:

  • Volumetric CT and MR Solutions: Variable Thickness Regional Intensity Protocols™ (VTRIP™) 2.0 is a productivity module that provides adjustable and expandable display protocols that natively display the extra fidelity allowed by volumetric CT and MR within the McKesson Radiology Station application. In addition, VTRIP 2.0 includes 3D Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP), 3D Surface Volume Rendering (SVR) and Advanced Visualization workflow. VTRIP 2.0 is included in McKesson Radiology 12.1.1.
  • Teaching File Solutions: McKesson Study Share™ enables medical imaging specialists to efficiently organize and share images, teaching files and reference case information needed during daily practice, for training, conferencing, diagnostic decision support. It serves as a collaborative knowledge management platform for sharing images across disciplines with full text search over radiology reports, and the ability to create personal alerts based on events occurring in PACS.
  • McKesson Radiology Collaboration: A native communications app that combines clinical and workflow tools to help mitigate Radiologist interruptions, manage communications between Radiologists and Physicians and resolve common workflow challenges facing Radiology Departments. McKesson Radiology Collaboration allows radiologists to control consult availability, connect quickly and easily in real-time, screen-share with members of the care team, and log collaboration session information.
  • Improved Enhancements Program: McKesson Radiology 12.3 offers additional valuable benefits, including the launch of an improved Enhancements Program to handle customer requests. With the new program, a dedicated team is focused on delivering customer enhancements and implementing a 30 day turnaround on the disposition of all requests.
Optional add-on solutions:
  • Native Mammography Solutions: McKesson Radiology Mammography Plus™ is an optional embedded solution for mammography that allows you to eliminate the need for a dedicated specialty mammography workstation. McKesson Radiology Mammography Plus is a single platform for both radiology PACS and mammography reading that allows users web-enabled access from any workstation to multimodality breast imaging, including tomosynthesis, with all the advantages of a robust PACS environment. Leverage your PACS investment to bring on support for Mammography at the enterprise level today.
  • McKesson Radiology Analytics is a new cloud-based analytics solution that helps you interactively visualize and explore operational metrics, while discovering business improvement opportunities. With the introduction of McKesson Radiology Analytics, we’re helping customers achieve their operational goals by unlocking the real value of their data, with a focus on data accuracy, visualization and interaction.


Horizon Medical Imaging™ 11.9 and McKesson Radiology™ 12.0 do not require any fees for the sole purpose of enabling functionality associated with § 170.314(a)(12) Image Results (PDF, 337 KB).

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